Several years ago, a good friend (affectionately known as JDot on the show) and I started a game that we call 3-in-3. Here's how it works. Liberals say or do something crazy. (Never a shortage here.) I pick 3 words/phrases related two the latest trip to liberal lunacy. I text JDot the 3 words/phrases. He gets 3 minutes to put them into a song (which usually takes the form of a rap). Then, he calls me and puts on the performance of his life.

Who is JDot?

JDot is the voice of our 3-in-3s, and he chooses to remain anonymous. His voice is 100% his own, and his views may or may not represent this show. JDot has earned the green light on performance style, lyrics and message. You could say he's given a clean canvas on which to his ideas.

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