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What is a 3-in-3? 

Several years ago, a good friend (affectionately known as JDot on the show) and I started a game that we call 3-in-3. Here's how it works. Liberals say or do something crazy. (Never a shortage here.) I pick 3 words/phrases related to the latest trip to liberal lunacy. I text him the 3 words/phrases. He gets 3 minutes to put them into a song (which usually takes the form of a rap). Then, he calls me and puts on the performance of his life. I don't have any of the original 3-in-3's recorded, but here is an example of one of the early 3-in-3's I can remember: 

  1. Weiner
  2. Twitter
  3. Seattle

Oh, the good ole' days, when liberals only tweeted inappropriate pics of themselves instead of giving nuclear weapons to state supporters of terrorism...

Who is JDot?

JDot is the voice of our 3-in-3s, and he chooses to remain anonymous. His voice is 100% his own, and his views may or may not represent this show. JDot has earned the green light on performance style, lyrics and message. You could say he's given a clean canvas on which to his ideas.

Can I submit my own 3-in-3?

Maybe one day. But for now, we make this an invitation-only program, exclusively to JDot. 


Click to play below from our 3-in-3 library below: