Guns, School Shootings & Mental Illness


Good to be back from my family vacation to Disney World. Hall of Presidents. Catching up on the Parkland shooting. Gun control debate. Second Amendment. Failure of Government. Prohibition. Mental illness. The way the media covers Trump's executive order that allows "mentally ill" Americans to legally own firearms illustrates some potential pitfalls. Christianity is a mental illness? 


Our Irresponsible Government


Congress leads us to another short-term government shutdown, but that will end shortly when Trump signs the Caps Deal Congress sent him this morning. Financial irresponsibility is rampant. We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. There was another way to fund the military without adding debt, but this doesn't fit the narrative. What would Dave Ramsey tell Congress if they called him about their financial problem. A mock phone call. There are consequences for acting irresponsibly - no matter if it's in your personal life, business, church or government. DACA fix by March 23. Another shutdown possible then. I thought this bill was going to stop the fear of shutdowns? Bermuda boycotts coming? NYPD ignored 1,526 requests from ICE regarding the status of those NYPD already had detained. Politicizing national security. See you February 20. 


Government Sophistry


Senate passes long-term budget deal. Goes to House. Freedom Caucus opposes because it's not responsible to increase federal spending by 13%. Let's put on our big boy & big girl pants and establish a long-term budget that addresses the core problem of spending. Our government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. The eve of the next shutdown. Legislating by self-created crises needs to stop. Americans need to stop falling for nonsensical drivel we hear coming from the Far Left. Truth is true regardless of whether someone (or some government) believes it or not. Nancy Pelosi gives 8 hour speech on House floor. EU will not enter into free trade agreements with any country (i.e., the US) who doesn't agree to the non-binding Paris Climate Agreement. Eric Holder running for president? I'm still holding out for another run from Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley. What America needs from it's leaders. Would you be surprised to know Trump has a higher approval rating at this point in his presidency than Obama? According to the latest Rasmussen poll, he does. 


Adam Schiff Fooled By Russians


Adam Schiff, ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, is out there trying to find naked pics of Donald Trump. Political hacks playing politics. Schiff's speech at UPenn. Explains how Russians used Democrat talking points to divide Americans. So who exactly is seeking to divide Americans? Attack on the 2nd Amendment, which Russia apparently wanted to use to cause Americans to kill each other. Inept or corrupt? Or both? Fake tsunami warning issued for millions of Americans. 


Did Trump Crash The Market?


Christopher Steele wrote a 2nd dossier? If at first you don't succeed, huh? Cites friends of Clinton using Clinton money to oppose Clinton's political opponent. House Intelligence Committee votes to release Democrat FISA memo. Bring all of this stuff to the full light of day. Two diametrically opposed ideologies fighting for control of America's heart, mind & soul. Conservatism vs Statism/Socialism/Liberalism/BIg Governmentism. Conservatism works. Arrogant Leftists mock "bread crumbs" of average people. The market drop yesterday. Trump to blame? By trying to "level the playing field", Government seeks to insulate people from the consequences of their failures, but this actually prevents people from learning the lessons of their failures. Should Trump talk with Mueller? Will he be called to testify before a grand jury? New Todd Huff Radio coffee mugs!