Mueller's Unraveling Investigation


P-Diddy wants to buy Carolina Panthers and sign Kaepernick as quarterback. Awaiting comments from Irsay. Mueller investigation unraveling. Deep state corruption exposed. Drain the Swamp. The Economy. Dow has hit an all-time high 69 times in 2017, tying the record set in 1995. GDP at 4%? Comparing to Obama's abysmal numbers. A president doesn't control the Economy, but his policies absolutely impact the Economy and the Market. Why did Clinton - a Democrat - oversee a roaring Market & Economy? Trump's national security plan focuses on, dare I say it, America First. 


Have You Lost Faith in the FBI?


Text messages reveal FBI agents wanted an "insurance policy" against a Trump presidency. Is "Andy" FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Chasing boogeymen in Russia. Did the FBI want to interfere? Comey: gross negligence v extreme carelessness. Will Smith's comments about Obama being the light of the world. And some other nonsense. Huh? JDot returns with his latest 3-in-3 about Don Lemon, bullying and black holes. Paul Ryan retiring? Miss Iraq has to flee country because she took a selfie with Miss Israel. This is a microcosm of the problem that exists in the Middle East. 


Our Political and Cultural War


We knew in 2016 that if Republicans won the House, Senate and Presidency, the political and cultural Left wouldn't cede one inch of political ground without one heck of a fight. Corrupt people and corrupt political ideas need to be replaced. We have a tremendous opportunity to influence people toward constitutional conservatism. Power corrupts. Not all political ideologies are equal. Politics & sexual misconduct. State Representative commits suicide over allegations. The siren song of Washington is strong. Drain the Swamp. We shouldn't assume that people who have different ideas cannot be persuaded. Some can't, but others can. Conservative not bitter. We're still in the fight. 


Alabama Elects a Democrat Senator


Doug Jones (D) defeats Roy Moore (R) in contentious Alabama special election for Senate. The people have spoken, which is precisely the way this needed to be decided. Unpacking the reasons Republicans lost this seat. Who (or what) is to blame? Honest assessment vs spin. The Left may have held the moral high ground in this particular election because of individual character, but they don't hold the moral high ground when it comes to political ideas. Which ideas are moral?

Decision Day In Alabama


Alabama special Senate election today. Fox News poll shows Doug Jones up 10 points, though most polls show Roy Moore up a few points. What will voters make of the sexual allegations against Roy Moore? Will unproven criminal allegations motivate people to make a decision that's not in their best political interests? Should it? Way of the Future Church seeks to create artificial intelligence (AI) god that people will worship. Mueller parody song sent to us by an anonymous individual (below):

DOJ official's wife worked for firm behind anti-Trump dossier. Very serious questions of corruption arise from Mueller probe. Trump v CNN still entertains me. Sarah Huckabee Sanders v Jim "Very Fake News" Acosta. Trump bullied Dom Lemon? Walking back "bombshell" reports. Trump drinks 12 Diet Cokes/day?