The Democrat Party Is In Shambles

The Democrat Party is in utter shambles. Many now calling for Nancy Pelosi & House leadership to be replaced. They keep losing elections. They have no message. They only want to talk about 'Russia' - and I guess I would, too, if my party was in utter disarray. Big Government Liberals vow to fix problems with more government, more spending & more programs - but they always fail. They should pay politically for the consequences of their broken ideology. Rep Tim Ryan (D-OH) says Democrat brand is toxic outside of DC. Cher & Michael Moore are wanting new leadership. Many Democrats want Pelosi to be replaced. Democrat policies are an unmitigated disaster. Illinois is the latest example. The 'Venezuela of the Midwest.' Fight for control of the Republican & Democrat parties. Fight about healthcare. If GOP doesn't pass Obamacare repeal/replace, Democrats will move us toward single payer when they are in control. Trump in Iowa. Crowd loved it. Trump in his element. Encouraging. Republicans now have some momentum. Will they use it to further their agenda & put an end to the political sideshows?

A Referendum on Trump?

It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Barack Ossoff lost in a runoff to Karen Handel. Democrats argued this was a referendum on Trump. Now, of course, Democrats tell us that wasn't a referendum. They tell us it was a very close race that was never supposed to be this tough for Republicans. It's a 'moral victory' for Democrats. Uh huh. Sure. Just look at the faces of CNN political reporters. Safe to say their guy lost, huh? I must've missed Democrats excoriating Ossoff for all the money he injected into this campaign. Ossoff spent $22 million+. Handel spent $14 million. 93% of donations came from outside GA? Enough prevent offense in Congress. Part of me wonders if they talk of canceling August recess so as to avoid being bombarded by angry constituents at town hall meetings back home. New York Times story about Michael Flynn having access to classified information, even though Trump Administration knew he was a blackmail risk by Russia. Who was the blackmail risk? How about Hillary?! Jim 'Very Fake News' Acosta tells us he's concerned about the lack of transparency in Trump Administration. I thought Trump was too transparent & active on Twitter? Isn't that where 'covfefe' came from, after all? CNN is more concerned about being irrelevant & losing their ability to control the narrative. But they still have way more power & influence than they should. Ossoff lost. Handel won. If the Media was consistent, they would say the referendum on Trump shows that the people of GA are pleased.

Why Are Democrats Still In Control?

The things the Left & the Media want us to believe defy logic. Democrats want to 'get to the bottom' of Trump/Russian collusion/obstruction of justice charges - but they block people from testifying. They tell us Kaepernick is not injecting politics into sports - even as he tweets about police officers being the same as runaway slave agents. They tell us Putin wanted Trump - and helped put him in White House - even as the US shoots down Syrian jet (Russia's ally in conflict). Why do Democrats have this much power when they aren't in power? They control the narrative & what happens with this silly Russian-Trump investigation. Think of how corrupt they are when they are in power. Congress may cancel August recess to get back to their agenda. Mixed thoughts about this. But the solution is simple: Do. Your. Job. Russia to treat US aircraft as targets - but they come short of threatening to shoot them down. Scott Pelley. Political rhetoric.

A Special Election & More Terrorism

Still looking for the Left's version of conservative, not bitter talk radio. Certainly won't find it on MSNBC. Host Joy-Ann Reid brands Steve Scalise an extremist as he lies in serious condition in a hospital - after being shot by a real extremist. Barack Ossoff v Karen Handel. Special election tomorrow. Referendum on Trump? The Left's style of campaign. Man drives vehicle into crowd of Muslims in London. Kills 1, injures 10. Retaliatory act? This is equally as reprehensible as jihadists targeting their innocent targets. What politicians need to do. The former QB of the San Francisco 49ers is busy not injecting politics into sports again. When Putin was busy colluding with Trump about the 2016 election, did it cross his mind that the US would shoot down a Syrian jet that bombed targets near US allies?

Political Rhetoric

Trump-Russia narrative continues. Washington Post says Trump under investigation for obstruction of justice. Jared Kushner being investigated for business dealings with Russia? Political witch hunt. Everything is political. ESPN's Max Kellerman says standing for the national anthem is political. The Russian narrative is purely political. Trump calls this the biggest political witch hunt in American history. Some Republicans don't like him using Twitter, but where would this 'investigation' be if he didn't fight back? Representative Scalise's condition improves, but more operations likely needed. Political rhetoric. Calls for unity. What can we ideologically unite around in today's political civil war? Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe says 93 million Americans lose their lives to guns every day. We need political victories. Winning America's soul again. Political ideology can't fulfill the soul.