Good To Be Back

We're back after 2 days of technical difficulties. White privilege questionnaire at San Diego State University. Trump's UN speech. "Rocket man" rhetoric infuriates media. As does "America first" rhetoric. Obamacare repeal & replace legislation. Can GOP pass it before September 30 deadline? A quick summary of what's in the bill. Why is this better than Obamacare? Voluntary cooperation vs government force. Iran Deal & FOAB. Paul Manafort wiretapped? If so, was Trump right about his claims his campaign was wiretapped? Yale to stop using term 'freshman' and 'upper-classman' because it's not gender neutral. 

Outrage on the Left

Today was the first day we broadcasted LIVE from our home studio. Everything went well during the live broadcast, but we had a technical issue & the episode did not record for on-demand playback. We are looking into this issue and hope to have it resolved by tomorrow. My apologies for the inconvenience. 

The Left comes unhinged with anti-Trump rhetoric at the Emmy's. Predictable. And who really cares? In what universe does Hollywood hold the moral high ground on anyone? Trump retweets GIF, enrages the Left & media. Encourages violence against women? Clay Travis' belief in 2 things gets him booted from CNN: the First Amendment & boobs. I'm more surprised they found a sports journalist who believes in the First Amendment than I am that they found a guy who likes the female body. Riots in St. Louis. Police shootings. NYT writer worries that kid mowing White House lawn is bad for child labor laws. Constitution Day was yesterday. 37% of Americans cannot name even one right guaranteed by First Amendment. Conservatism requires an understanding of and belief in the Constitution - and that's hard when people barely even know what it is. 

Are Conservatives Generous?

North Korea launches another missile over Japan. Lands in Pacific ocean after traveling about 1,600 miles. Can go far enough to reach Guam. American weakness exhibited by past administrations has led to this situation. American weakness is (still) provocative. Interview with Ed Kominowski of the Community Foundation of Morgan County. We discuss conservative principles in philanthropy & charity. Government programs vs private donations. Ed is doing great things in this space. Conservatives help, but prefer to do so directly as individuals or through groups who provide direct charitable services. My thoughts on giving & the intrinsic value of every individual. Buffalo Wild Wings in Southern California silences Monday Night Football during national anthem. Detroit Lions season ticket holder expelled from games because of alleged racist comment on Snapchat. Third verse of national anthem cited as reason fans didn't stand. Sorry I ran out of time to talk about this today! 

A Deal on DACA?

Trump makes a deal with Democrats on DACA? Not really clear. Border wall funding? Is tax reform Trump's long-term play? Will moderate Democrats have cover to deal with Trump on tax reform, especially if they are up for re-election and running in states Trump carried in 2016? Jemele Hill's tweets about Trump & white supremacy. This is getting predictable, and as a result, pretty boring. Tax reform. Framing the argument. Whose money is it any way? Trickle down economics and a growing economy. A caller. Parental rights questioned by law professor. Of course. 

The Politics of a Hurricane Telethon

The Left can't help themselves: they make a Hand in Hand hurricane relief telethon political. Stevie Wonder. Beyonce. Flashback to Mr. Kardashian's infamous "George Bush hates black people" soundbite. Balancing the humanity of the crisis with the politics of the issue. Climate Change. Facial recognition software can predict a person's politics? Can only imagine what the plans are for this. Some tout the so-called 'gaydar' of the software, even though it's not as good as it first sounds like it is. A question from a listener who gets me. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley. Thanks for listening!