Tax Reform & An Explosion of Allegations


Tax Reform passes House. Moves on to Senate. Reducing taxes is a step in the right direction, but this could be much better. And we miss opportunities to win the argument, which is most important. Al Franken accused of sexual misconduct. USA Today compares reactions to allegations against Franken & Roy Moore. What does the explosion of sexual allegations tell us? Power. Brilliance of Founders. Menendez mistrial.



Way of the Future Church


Quick update on Alabama Senate Race. Jones up 12 points? McConnell investigating if a resignation from Big Luther would stop this election from taking place. Wish the GOP would try this hard to pass legislation they campaigned on. The Way of the Future Church. Worshiping AI? Not Allen Iverson. Intersection of faith, government & science. Don't make the robots mad. 

Tensions Are Rising


Roy Moore still needs to address legitimate questions fair-minded voters may have. RNC pulls funds & volunteers. Possible scenarios & political consequences. Poll shows Moore up 6 points. Politics are important, but Truth & Justice are paramount. Wall Street Journal blames Steve Bannon. Tax Reform update. Gender reassignment surgery at taxpayer expense. Remember Obama's comments about doctors cutting off body parts for the extra cash? Sessions testifies. 




Colin Kaepernick named GQ "Citizen of the Year." So, we're going with "citizen," huh? Another accuser comes forward against Roy Moore. Political developments in Alabama. Election to be nullified? Senate to block Moore from serving. Donald Trump had accusers in 2016. Why did those only matter in October or November. Truth & Justice are paramount. Bob Menendez trial. Corruption. 


The Senate & Tax Reform


Race for Alabama Senate seat. Many distance themselves from Roy Moore. Some think he should drop out now, after allegations. Timing. Truth. #MeToo. Politics. McConnell uninspiring on tax reform. Admits some middle class Americans may see a tax increase. GOP missing a huge opportunity to fundamentally address tax issues in America. Joe Biden in 2020?