Democrats Try To Fabricate A Crime That Justifies Impeachment

The Left & the Media are on a political witch hunt. They have decided Trump's punishment should be impeachment - but they haven't found the crime to warrant that. Yet. Moving from 'Russian collusion' to 'obstruction of justice.' Alan Dershowitz says zero evidence of obstruction of justice by Trump. In fact, Dershowitz says facts make it very difficult to claim the president, who has the power to pardon, can obstruct justice the way the Democrats are alleging. Alan Dershowitz's op-ed. Republicans not legislating as all of this is going on - instead focusing on prevent offense. Maddening. We must win this political civil war. Remembering Orlando terror attack means we must remember who attacked - and why. Trump is not an 'enemy' of LGBT community; Islamic terrorism is.

Comey Officially Launches the 2018 Democrat Campaign

James Comey kicks off the 2018 Democrat campaign yesterday with his testimony, but it didn't get off to a good start. This is the biggest nothing so-called political scandal I can remember. Complete silliness. What do they want us to think happened? They don't care so long as it stops Trump. Political sideshow that's all about politics. Where is the bipartisan Joe Donnelly? I'm waiting for him to come out & say Trump has been exonerated from colluding with Russia. Senators change when elections get close. Don't forget the Iran Deal. Jihadi Joe. Our show was ranked #1 by The Contemporary Conservative blog. A quick review of what we really learned from James Comey's testimony yesterday. While Trump didn't walk away unscathed, he was exonerated on the main issues of collusion with Russia & obstruction of justice. Trump appointee grilled by Senator Sanders & Senator Van Hollen about his belief that Jesus is the only way to God. When we choose to follow a faith, we naturally exclude the others. If not, what are we really doing by saying we are followers of the faith. And I thought there weren't supposed to be religious tests in government?

The James Comey Show

James Comey leaks opening statement from Thursday's testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The New York Times thinks this is an example of how James Comey, a DC political insider, politically outmaneuvered Donald Trump, the political outsider & novice. But this 'outsider' brand was one of the main reasons people voted for Trump. What does the Left & the Media really want us to think happened between Trump & Russia? Answer: They don't care as long as you think it was corrupt, illegal & possibly impeachable. "Honest loyalty." CNN was wrong - again. Comey says he told congressional leaders that Trump wasn't under investigation, yet liberal congressmen repeatedly led us to believe Trump was under investigation. Not surprising, of course.

Russia, Russia, Russia!

Comey to testify tomorrow. CNN has a countdown clock. Russian collusion nonsense. Obamacare failure in Ohio - but Republicans are to blame? Democrats are masters of messaging, branding & controlling the narrative - with the help of the media, aka their PR firm. Clapper says Trump worse than Nixon/Watergate. Politicians and the mess that exists in DC. Drain the swamp is right. Empty promises. Government creates many more problems than it has ever solved. The superficiality of the Left & their 'arguments.' Timeless truths of conservatism. Answers from Quora. Republicans have to win on substance. And we have to hold our representatives accountable.

D-Day, Russia & Espionage

Today marks the 73rd anniversary of D-Day, when the United States liberated Europe from the control of an evil madman who loved big, totalitarian government. Today, Europe finds itself under attack from another type of fascists: Islamofascists. Europe's role. Department of Justice charges an NSA contractor named Reality Winner with espionage for leaking Top-Secret NSA document about Russian election interference to the media. Story in The Intercept. This Russian election hack narrative makes even less sense to me after reading this story. Still no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion. Would this have even been mentioned in the media had Hillary won? No way - unless it only further gave the federal government control, like putting the election under federal control.