On July 31, our show moves to the morning drive.

Two years ago, I started a podcast in my closet (that's right - it was in my bedroom closet!) called The Antidote to Liberalism. That show grew & developed into a talk radio show we now call The Todd Huff Radio Show when Freedom 95 picked it up in October of 2016.

And now we're proud to announce that we're moving to mornings on Freedom 95 at 6am - beginning July 31!

A strong lineup, but no local hosts. until now.

Freedom 95 has built a very strong lineup of nationally-syndicated talk radio programs - including the likes of Dave Ramsey, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage & Mark Levin. In fact, Freedom 95 is home to 7 of the top 9 nationally-syndicated talk radio programs in America today. These shows broadcast from places like New York City. San Francisco. Washington DC.

But not Indianapolis. That is, until they started carrying our program.

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“I believe Todd’s show stands out from many of today’s talkers, in that he combines the heart of a teacher with a deep passion for our country’s core principles & conservative values. Educational & entertaining, without yelling at me.”

— Jeremy Beutel, Program Director at Freedom 95

A native hoosier on freedom 95

I'm a native Hoosier & lifetime resident of the great State of Indiana. I grew up in a small town on the southwest side of Indianapolis called Monrovia. I attended Monrovia High School where I played football & basketball - and ran track. My interests were sport. Then politics, religion & philosophy. Girls were in that list, too, of course. I graduated in 1996.

I attended Butler University where I studied political science & philosophy - and played football. Many people may consider Butler to be a conservative, Midwestern school. But that wasn't my experience. Many of my classes were taught by self-proclaimed Socialists. Radical Feminists. In some cases, Communists. And hardcore Atheists. Some were respectful & reasonable - and some were militant & very angry. I had to learn to defend my ideas against my professors, but I remained relatively quiet in the classroom.

I'm conservative, not bitter

Ask the average person to use an adjective to describe talk radio, and you might cringe at what you hear.

Angry. Hateful. Divisive. Racist. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not this is accurate, but it is unfortunately the impression some have about the powerful yet often misunderstood medium of talk radio. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And my brand of talk radio demonstrates that every single day.

Talk radio can be entertaining without being hateful. It can be thought-provoking & challenging without alienating fair-minded listeners. But it has to be done with a deep respect for the audience and a strong reverence for the concept of Christian love for our fellow man. We can disagree without being disagreeable. And we can stand for our beliefs without trying to personally destroy our opponents.

“I’m a liberal from Seattle, but you present conservative views very clearly, and I really appreciate that you aren’t an angry, bitter host. Keep up the good work.”

— Mark H., listener in Seattle

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