If you listen to our show for any period of time, you're going to hear some terms and nicknames that you may not know at first.

If that's the case, check back here & you'll get a description, explanation & even a brief history of our show lingo.


Al "Resist We Much" Sharpton: As one who comments on politics every day, this one has special meaning to me. Al "Resist We Much" Sharpton had a complete meltdown during a monologue on his show. I'm not really sure what happened, but it was an epic performance. Historians everywhere are still trying to ascertain what he was trying to say. I wish them the best of luck.



Bernie Sanders The Nutty Professor Picture

The Nutty Professor:  If you're a popular Socialist, chances are good that you're going to get a nickname on my show. Bernie Sanders is an insane, unhinged Socialist - and his appeal is huge among the young, radical college crowd. So we thought this nickname was good for 2 reasons. First, he looks like an actual nutty professor. Second, when he lectures to his little Socialist audience of 28-year-old college students still living in mom & dad's basement playing video games until 3am, the analogy is just as strong.



Sexy Sexy Sexy Martin OMalley pic

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley: Former Presidential candidate Martin O'Malley never made much of an impact on the 2016 Democrat Presidential Primary. But he did cause Twitter to buzz when images like this surfaced. Superficial Leftists all over Twitter couldn't help but comment on O'Malley's shirtless pics. Apparently they liked them. But that's the only time anything he said or did made any news. Hence, he will be forever immortalized on our program as Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley.



3 in 3 logo

3-in-3: Several years ago, a good friend and I started a game that we call 3-in-3. Here's how it works. Liberals say or do something crazy. (Never a shortage here.) I pick 3 words/phrases related to the latest trip to liberal lunacy. I text him the 3 words/phrases. He gets 3 minutes to put them into a song (which usually takes the form of a rap). Then, he calls me and puts on the performance of his life. We still carry on this tradition on our show from time-to-time today. If you want to learn more, check out the 3-in-3 page on the website.



JDot Pic

JDot:  My best friend since 4th grade, this anonymous performer of 3-in-3's inspires audiences around the world. He's been a guest on our show, and he's a regular when it comes to "dropping a new 3-in-3." Imitating the styles of the great Eminem, Snoop Dog & Easy E, JDot still maintains a style all his own. When he makes it to the big time, I want a royalty for all of his music sales. He should never forget where he comes from: The Antidote to Liberalism.



Joe Donnelly Picture

Jihadi Joe: Ah, yes: our friend, Jihadi Joe Donnelly. We developed this nickname for Indiana's Junior Senator when he decided to throw his political support behind President Obama's dangerous, indefensible Iran Deal. Senator Donnelly, along with 40 other Democrat Senators, provided President Obama with the political cover necessary to implement his ridiculous Iran Nuclear Deal. And since this so-called deal, which should have been considered a treaty, essentially provides a fast-track pathway to the nuclear bomb for Iran - and since Iran is a state-sponsor of terrorism (or jihad), then we thought this name was absolutely appropriate. We will not forget this incredibly bad decision in 2018, Mr. Donnelly. Excuse me: I mean, Jihadi Joe.

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