Morning Drive, Here We Come!


I'm thrilled to announce that on July 31 our show will begin airing LIVE on Freedom 95 during the weekday morning drive time!

We've been working toward this goal for 2 years - and I am honored and very excited to have been given this opportunity.

What are the details?

  • LIVE Monday-Friday from 6am-7am
  • Show continues to air overnights on weekdays (technically Tuesday-Saturday) from 2am-3am
  • Show will continue to play on the weekend, but the time slot will float

I wrote a blog post a few months ago that outlined our goals & next steps - and getting to a better time slot was a top priority. But the past few months have been even better than that because we've laid the groundwork for several of our other goals as well.

In addition to getting a better time slot, getting some technical, behind-the-scenes help is critical. Our show got a big boost when we welcomed Shane Williams to our team earlier this year - who's been a great help in finding advertisers & sponsors for the program. But moving to a live program that airs on Freedom 95 from our off-site studio requires a lot more technical experience, know-how and focus than I can possibly manage. So I'm pleased to tell you that an unnamed program engineer has joined our team and will be helping us get the show ready for live morning radio that airs during the morning drive.

What's next for the show?

We're very excited about this opportunity with Freedom 95. And we're very excited about adding a program engineer to our team. But this is only the beginning of what we plan to do. By the end of 2017, we plan to do the following:

  • Add a 2nd hour to our live program (5am-7am)
  • Begin taking phone calls (likely when we expand to the 2nd hour)
  • Start conducting some on-air interviews with some fascinating & insightful guests (this most likely will begin happening regularly with the addition of the 2nd hour)

You'll also see us make some other improvements, which should include:

  • More audio sound bites from politicians & the media on our program
  • An online streaming audio player to our website
  • A smartphone app
  • New show segments, parodies & JDot performances
  • New Todd Huff Radio apparel for our loyal listeners
  • The launch of my new Conservative Not Bitter blog
  • The official launch of our free email newsletter for listeners
  • More public speaking events

How can I help?

We get asked this question by listeners & sponsors of our program. And the good news is that there are several ways to help. (Thanks so much for asking!)

  1. Listen to the show and support our advertisers & sponsors
  2. Follow us & share our program on social media
  3. Sign-up for & share our email newsletter with your friends (coming soon)
  4. Advertise on our program, introduce us to someone who may be interested in advertising, or help another local business/organization who could benefit from advertising
  5. Get some of the new Todd Huff Radio gear (available sometime soon)
  6. When we start taking phone calls, call in & be on our show
  7. Join our prayer team (email todd@toddhuffradio & I can put you in touch with our prayer team leader)

Thank you

The past 2 years have been absolutely exciting for me. And it simply would not be possible without our loyal listeners and committed sponsors. I am very aware of this reality and have nothing but a deep, sincere respect for each of you. May God bless you.

Conservative, not bitter.

Todd Huff