Blaze of Glory

 The Pyro Party pack is set to launch at BOG 2017, and it closely resembles the fireworks we had at the inaugural BOG in 2006.

The Pyro Party pack is set to launch at BOG 2017, and it closely resembles the fireworks we had at the inaugural BOG in 2006.

Alright. We're going to have a little fun here.

Tonight is our annual Blaze of Glory fireworks party. No - extravaganza. It's definitely an extravaganza.

Every year, usually right after the Fourth of July, when fireworks are on sale (you know, like 'buy one get six free' on sale), we host Blaze of Glory. This year we had to host it a little later because one regular was recovering from surgery & the rest of us having growing families and obligations we have to manage.

So here we are on July 22. It was a long wait, but it's totally worth it!

What is Blaze of Glory? And what isn't it?

Blaze of Glory begins when you get a bunch of close friends together who want to unwind, let the kids play and have a good, old-fashioned time.

There is grilling involved. Of course.

Then there are conversations about everything - and nothing - at the same time.

The guys usually act like teenagers. And the women usually roll their eyes at us. (If we're lucky, we may get a small laugh, though.)

I like to think of it as 'white elephant' Christmas party meets Independence Day.

Now, I feel the need to make a few very things crystal clear here. First, this is not meant to be a mockery of Independence Day. In my mind, Independence Day is a sacred holiday that marks the birth of the freest, most prosperous, blessed nation in the history of the world.

In fact, if you listen to my program, you'll hear me talk about this regularly. (Consider this year's Fourth of July episode, for example.)

America is indeed a very special place. In fact, the foundation of this great nation was revolutionary in world history. In America, people would be viewed as individuals with unalienable rights that came from Almighty God Himself. And not only that, but they'd be citizens of America, not subjects to the Royal Crown.

But I digress. This post isn't meant to be a lecture on American exceptionalism. Or a history of what makes America great. 

It's just a post designed to share a little about the fun we have each year at Blaze of Glory!

But I do think it's important to share this thought: having fun and productively engaging in the cultural & ideological battles we face are not mutually exclusive. In fact, being able to have fun while addressing serious, even monumental, cultural & ideological problems is what makes our brand of conservative, not bitter talk radio different.

But again, I digress. I guess I can't help myself.

Let me tell you a little more about the history of Blaze of Glory.

In 2006, right around the Fourth of July, my brother and J-Dot stopped by our house with a 6-pack of beer (they knew I didn't drink!) and a $49 package of fireworks from one of the big box stores. What else did you need to have a good time?

So we grilled out (of course) and set the box of fireworks off in the alley behind the house that night.

The fireworks weren't anything to get excited about, but we had a blast acting like kids again.

And before we knew it, we were planning a follow-up event in 2007.

It would be called Blaze of Glory. I believe it was inspired by Bon Jovi's song - at least in part. Whatever, the case, it became the official theme song of our annual extravaganza.

We have hosted Blaze of Glory every year since 2006, with the exception of 2009. That was the year our first child was born. He was born just a week before Independence Day. I'm pretty sure I would've been up for hosting the event with a newborn, but my wife had a different opinion of that.

We moved to a new home in 2012, and Blaze of Glory has been hosted here since 2013. The alleys we originally launched fireworks from are now replaced by our driveway and front yard. And while the original gang still attends every year, we've added lots of new faces. Some of those faces are children of the original BOG cast, and others are new friends we've invited to share in the fun.

I'll be sure to share a little BOG fun with you Monday, too.

It's a challenge as your host to balance my political/cultural commentary with things I want to share about my personal life and experiences. Of course, the show is about ideas and principles, but illustrating them through personal experience and analogy can be a very good way to communicate. And it can help make the show resonate more with the audience.

All that said, I try to avoid talking very much about things in my personal life. But I'll be sure to take a few moments to share some things about BOG with you on social media, my website or even on the show. 

And then we'll dig into the issues.

Thank God for America, the greatest place that's ever existed in the history of the mankind.