Todd Huff Radio Nets Daytime Spot


Story courtesy of Mooresville-Decatur Times
By Amy Hillenburg, Correspondent

A dream that began for Todd Huff of Monrovia two years ago is about to come true. Huff, married with three children, wanted to be a talk radio host on a daytime spot at Freedom 95 FM. Although at first his talk format, which he describes as “conservative, not bitter,” was placed at 2 a.m., doors have opened one by one for the local entrepreneur. He announced that his show would be on the radio starting July 31, Monday through Friday, from 6 to 7 a.m., when most people are driving to work.

“It will also be simulcast on two other stations, 95.9 FM and 950 AM,” Huff said this week. I will broadcast it from my home studio.”

He said plans are to expand the program to two hours, probably beginning at 5 a.m. And in the future, he is hoping call-ins will be added or a time for him to take calls and discuss them during the program. For now, it will be just talk - something Huff loves to do. His 60-second “Todd Talks” will still be broadcast sometime during the day. 

Huff credits Jeremy Beutel, program director for Freedom 95, with keeping contact with him, seeing past early mistakes and giving him a chance.

This was huge, since the station’s programs are nationally syndicated with big-name hosts like Dave Ramsey, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin and Michael Savage. Huff is the only local host from Indiana, and he believes it is the perfect station to air his show. 

Huff has experience in teaching religion, Christian Apologetics, politics and concepts in philosophy. But Huff’s method is not confrontational. He has a world view that he wants to share and considers the views of those who lean left or right. Yet while he entertains his audience, Huff also tries to educate average citizens on their responsibilities in a free society.

He worked hard on his delivery, researched the technical components of creating a podcast and by August 2015, he was ready. 

Huff said his Christian faith has guided his steps from the very start. Someone recommended that he reach out to the late Premo Mondone of Red State Talk Radio about carrying his show online. Huff only had to wait a few months before that happened. Over the next several months, the program started to air on other online conservative radio stations.

On election night, Huff was given a spot for coverage and was asked to do an extra hour to report - up until 12:06 a.m. 

Some of the needs he’s had are also being met. 

He has an employee who runs more than 90 percent of his original business, Huff Promotional Strategies. It helps businesses get their logos, advertising and mission statements out to the public. But from now on, his main focus will be the radio show. 

Huff also found “Casper,” his technical partner who can navigate the systems needed for live broadcasting. He said this is invaluable to a successful program. 

“Casper told me he was pretty busy, and there was only one part of the day when he would be available - from about 5 to 7 a.m. That’s the exact time I needed him,” Huff said. 

Another friend from Mooresville, Shane Williams, has been hired as Huff’s sales director. Williams’ views on a more conservative approach to government and getting back to the tenets of the Constitution dovetail with Huffs. Both men are Republicans and have been heavily involved in their communities. Huff has served as a coach, a school board member and the former director of the Boys and Girls Club of Morgan County in Mooresville. 

Williams operates Williams Rental Properties, LLC, and attends many local government meetings and gatherings He makes his views on transparency and maintaining a reasonable budget very clear to government officials, as well as on Facebook and social media. 

At the present time, there is no shortage of content. 

“President Trump offers a lot to talk about - he runs at a breakneck pace,” Williams said. “Todd is in tune with young people (because of his age), and I think his show could reach the next generation of young patriots who care about their nation and current events.” 

He said Huff is not a screamer and hyper-active talk radio host. He maintains a steady demeanor amidst all the political clamor and it resonates with average people. 

Huff has been in contact with Beowulf Rochlen on a possible weekend airing with the nationally syndicated USA Radio Networks. Rochlen is executive producer. 

“Todd is part of a more practical generation who want to get things done, as opposed to posing or over-the-top talk radio,” Rochlen said. “He is interested in educating people on issues and setting policy - not alienating different political perspectives. He’s willing to listen and look to reason. 

“We have some skilled hosts, but most fall into the fire and brimstone camp. While this can lead to success on the radio, we need more commonality between the host and the listeners. I think call-ins will be good for Todd’s show and will cause more people to gravitate toward what he has to say.” 

People and advertisers can contact Huff at or call him at 317-677-6074. The website is Williams can be reached at 317-538-4737.