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Adam Habig is president and co-founder of Freedom Healthworks, an Indianapolis-based healthcare organization focused on helping doctors and people partner together using Direct Primary Care practices. Adam co founded Freedom Healthworks to alleviate healthcare costs to everyone and help people receive the care they need and deserve. The company also aims to help doctors build their dream practices in order to help their customers stay well. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame, and a law degree from Indiana University’s McKinney School of Law. 


Freedom Healthworks was born after noticing a natural convergence: Patients seeking better ways and value when they spend their money on healthcare, and physicians seeking better ways to practice.

Despite the passion to help keep patients healthy, many doctors feel practicing medicine is no longer what it once was to them:  red tape, paper shuffling, insurance reimbursements, patients waiting for short visit time — a lot of headaches. Those headaches are all coming from people who are far removed from the exam room and the experience of being a physician. These people are executives without an MD who are looking over the physician’s shoulder, and interfering with the relationship that the physician hoped to develop with the patient to keep them well. 

Eighty-seven percent (87%) of physicians are dissatisfied, and very few are recommending that their children enter medicine. This will cause a shortage of physicians over the next five years:  America is on track to be be short 30,000 to 50,000 physicians in the next few years.

And what about the patients? Consumers and patients are paying higher and higher expenses for care through their insurance. They’re also not getting all of their questions answered after waiting for the doctor in the reception area and seeing their physician for 15 to 30 minutes. 

The solution: Direct Primary Care. 


Decades ago, physicians were primarily independent. Patients would see a physician and pay a fair price and build that physician-patient relationship. Health insurance later became involved and has thus contributed to many of the financial and emotional issues both patients and physicians endure.

Direct Primary Care is a reintroduction of that basic, original model that worked decades ago. While it’s been around for at least a decade, Direct Primary Care has grown dramatically in the past five years. 

Under the Direct Primary Care model, the patient has unlimited access to their physician for a flat monthly fee. Health insurance is thus kept for the catastrophic events such as broken legs and terminal illnesses.


Currently, healthcare costs are out of control. At a policy level, the focus has been on the symptom, which is the wrong place to look. We need to focus on the price of the underlying healthcare which drives the insurance premiums. Direct Primary Care and Freedom Healthworks is tackling the price.


It's really as simple as it sounds: The patient can purchase and receive unlimited medical care directly from their physician. For between $50 and $150 per month depending on the chosen doctor, the patient has their own private physician who is on-call for them.

The patient joins a specific practice within Freedom Healthworks, becomes an exclusive member of that practice to receive direct primary care service. 

With Direct Primary Care, if you need to see your doctor, you can see your doctor. 


Under Direct Primary Care, data shows a reduction in about 20 percent in total healthcare costs, specifically in out of pocket and total claims. Of those in DPC practices, patients were encouraged to and did see their doctor more than patients that just waited for something to happen and then fix it.

Studies show that the DPC patients are more empowered to ask tough questions of their physician because there is a stronger personal relationship and understanding of their conditions or family history. Those patients were able to catch those issues earlier and then make preventative actions, and ultimately save costs later. 


Indiana could indeed be the heart of the Direct Primary Care pulse, so to speak. Here in Indiana, we have a great public sector inertia and willingness to help and not interfere in DPC growth, which is grass-roots growth. There is also an entrepreneurial spirit here in Indiana. There is no Silicon Valley of Direct Primary Care, but Indiana could well lead in the space. 


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