Conservative, not bitter talk radio is connecting with ...


I’m a recent college grad ... I’ve been listening for a while, trying to prove that not all millennials are liberals! Your show is the perfect combination of information and comedy. I love being armed with information to defend my beliefs!”
— Marina D.
“I’ve been listening to your show almost since the beginning ... I feel like we’re friends and you’re part of what inspired me to start putting my career talents to work for our political ideology.”
— Elizabeth G.


“I really enjoy listening to your show. I pretty much listen ... every day, and really appreciate how you clarify your views & beliefs. I’m a liberal from Seattle, but you present conservative views very clearly, and I really appreciate that you aren’t an angry, bitter host. Keep up the good work.”
— Mark H.
“I wanna thank you ... for not being the millennial version of [Bill] O’Reilly. Just call me your open-minded liberal listener.”
— C.L.


“I’m not really sure where I fall on the political measuring stick, but ... I think you do a great job of illustrating your thoughts and [providing] ample background to support those thoughts and that’s what is important.”
— Greg T.