Our Full-Length Interview with Senator Ted Harvey of Stop Hillary PAC

We are pleased to have been given the opportunity to speak with Senator Ted Harvey, Chairman of Stop Hillary PAC. We discussed several topics - including a possible indictment of Hillary Clinton. You'll want to hear what the Senator thinks is going to happen next in the Hillary saga. 

Karl Rove Changing View of Trump Nomination?

Karl Rove has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump. But is he starting to soften that criticism? More importantly, does this indicate that the Establishment has decided to accept either a Trump or Cruz nomination? 

Did Paul Ryan Really Close the Door?

We're always skeptical of those in politics - and especially if they are in the Establishment. I'm not endorsing or suggesting this article is correct, but I think it's certainly an interesting perspective. 

Democrats Debate

The Nutty Professor Bernie Sanders & the possible criminal Hillary Clinton engage in more sophistry & lunacy to win support from their radical Left base. 

Socialism In All Of It's Glory

Venezuela's government & economy are to blame for the current electricity crisis, not the weather. Or El Nino. Or Global Warming. Just like other Socialists & Communists before them, they point the finger at everything and everyone else. But their immoral, broken system of government is to blame. 

American Weakness Is Provocative - Again

American Weakness Is Provocative - Again

So Russia doesn't see anything wrong with this act of aggression. Why would they? They don't fear America & see her as having weak, feckless leaders. 

Russian Reset Button Malfunction

When Hillary Clinton pressed the Russian Reset Button, she must have inadvertently reset relations to the 1980s. Ooops...

Despite Real Problems, Paul Ryan Focuses On This

ISIS is at war with the civilized world, though it can be argued we aren't at war with it. Illegal immigration is rampant. We are in a budget crisis. We are bankrupting America. We may elect a possible criminal to the White House. And this is what Paul Ryan wants to talk about? This, Speaker Ryan, is why people are furious with Washington, so-called Conservatives and politicians in general. 

We Must Destroy Evil Terrorists

There are rumors that ISIS has captured an Indian priest in Yemen, and they plan to crucify him on Good Friday. ISIS has crucified others. And we know they take advantage of symbolic events for propaganda purposes. Whether this particular atrocity is carried out or not, ISIS must be purged from the earth.

What Matters Is That No One's Feelings Get Hurt...

Here we go again. Somebody got their feelings hurt by a name. Written in chalk. On a college sidewalk. The audacity of someone to violate the sacred college safe space. 

The Establishment Needs a Scapegoat

Here is yet another example of how the GOP Establishment is living in utter denial about their role in causing havoc within the Party. Years of feckless leadership & broken promises have led to this, not Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. 

Explaining the Trump Phenomenon

Many of my listeners ask how Donald Trump is winning & resonating with voters. Here is one attempt to explain & I wanted to share. As always, this is neither my endorsement for or against Trump. That's not my role. 

Hillary's Possible Indictment

Never disappointing, Hillary Clinton gives yet another convoluted answer on her National Security Email Scandal. And then she acts indignant, which I'd say she has down pat. 

Well Done, Elizabeth!

I am pleased to share a piece from one of our listeners, Elizabeth Greenaway. It was picked up by The Blaze and is getting great traffic. I'll share more on today's show, but suffice it to say that I love getting emails about stuff like this. She's one of many inspirations in our great audience!

Iran At It Again

I'm sure these missiles are totally peaceful in nature and in no way violate the so-called Iran Deal. In fact, I'm sure we find out that these missiles are necessary to help deliver much needed electricity to the rural parts of Iran. Once again, American weakness is provocative