Once upon a time, news organizations raced one another to be the first to report a breaking story. Today, they race to be the first to spin it. 

The amount of disingenuous - or dare I even say "fake" - news reports out there concerning the Mueller Report - and the letter from Attorney General Barr - is insane. 

But once one realizes how much political capital the radical Left and certain "media" outlets invested in the phony Russian Collusion scandal, it's easy to understand why. 

For years, they've been telling their constituents (or viewers) that evidence of collusion existed. 

And that the "noose was tightening" around President Trump.

And that impeachment or even imprisonment was around the next corner. 

They didn't just report this on occasion.

These reports were ubiquitous on their stations (or political rallies). 

So if you want to avoid the spin and media drama surrounding this very unfortunate development for them, read the letter yourself here