I came across this Wall Street Journal editorial written by Karl Rove as I was scanning through the Drudge Report this morning. And I think it's worth reading. 

Now, I'm not saying I agree with this. 

I just think it brings out some very important differences between Establishment Republicans and the Trump wing of the Republican Party. 

Rove argues that Trump needs to move past Mueller because Swing Voters don't want to hear anything else about it - though his base definitely does. 

Rove & I agree that we need to win 2020. 

But someone needs to explain to me why the Left can talk about collusion, impeachment & Trump being a Nazi - incessantly - and that doesn't hurt their chances of winning Swing Voters. 

Yet the very second Trump takes offense against their out-of-control tactics and abuses, Swing Voters will run to the Democrats. 

Does that really make sense? 

If it's true, a good leader and communicator ought to be able to change that, right? 

And besides that, if we're really going to "drain the swamp," it seems to me that it's "now or never."