Justice Democrats Casting Call

Ever find yourself wondering how someone like Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez found herself as a nominee for - let alone elected as - Congress? Well, here's your answer.

And it should concern every patriotic, Constitutional-loving American out there. 

According to their own promotional video, The Justice Democrats held a casting call - yes, a casting call for those interested in taking their community service to the Halls of Congress - or some such thing. 

And AOC's brother nominated her. 

She was selected by The Justice Democrats.

And later elected by the people of the New York's 14th Congressional District. 

They want you to believe that The Justice Democrats are the Left's version of the Tea Party, minus the racist, sexist, homophobic stuff - of course. (Read with dramatic effect because that is not who the Tea Party is.)

But that's not the Truth. 

This is a rabid, anti-American, pro-Socialist group of ideologues with slick marketing. 

And it's been working in places. 

We need to pay close attention to this and expose the moral bankruptcy these ideas lead us to. 

I have a lot more to say about this on today's show, which you can check out here