The narrative has been set: Attorney General Barr is trying to hide the real findings of the Mueller Report in order to protect Trump. 

Of course - and we've known this from the beginning - that's not reality. 

The House voted 420-0 (with 4 Republicans voting "present") to release the report. 

So no one is trying to preven it from being shared with the public. 

The truth is, Attorney General William Barr is required by law to redact certain aspects of the report in order to protect grand jury secrecy. 

I shared on my program what happened when I once served on a jury and something deemed inadmissable in court was shared with the jury by accident. Great care and patience have to be used to ensure that nothing inappropriate is inadvertently overlooked. And that simply takes time. 

Besides, it's not like Barr is sitting in a room by himself trying to figure out what he can hide from the American public.

In fact, as reported by The Washington Posthe's working with Mueller on the edited version of the report. 

And here's a quote from that article:

Barr is working with Rosenstein, Mueller and their key aides to produce an edited version of the report.

What we are being led to believe about the edited Mueller Report is simply not true. 

Listen to today's program where we discuss this and more. 

But then again, you already knew that, didn't you?