What exactly would an "upgrade" to capitalism look like? 

I mean, unless we're cutting bureaucracy or finding ways for people to keep more of their own money, any tinkering with capitalism isn't a good thing, right?

Besides, doing those things aren't exactly "upgrading" capitalism

It's actually eliminating those things that interfere with capitalism. 

I always chuckle when I find wealthy people screaming, "Raise our taxes!" 

After all, that's not really what they mean. 

If they meant that, they wouldn't hire accounting firms whose primary objective was to limit their tax liability and save them money. 

Instead, they'd just make big donations to the Federal Government. 

They could do that, you know? 

But the truth is, they want the Government to dictate what other people do with their own money. 

That's the upgrade, folks! The Government takes more money from the wealthy. 

Then what? 

We have a spending problem. 

It's not a revenue problem. 

This level of spending and debt is completely unsustainable - even if you take every single penny from the 1%. 

But I guess regurgitating this garbage earns you favor with the Left and Media. 

At least for now. 

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