Bernie Sanders is a Socialist. Now, he'll tell you he's a Democratic Socialist because that (apparently) makes it more palatable to some. But he's a Socialist. 

And there is nothing good about Socialism - or Democratic Socialism. 


All flavors of Socialism take away Liberty.

And just because a majority of people, exercising Democracy, support taking away Liberty from someone else (usually someone with wealth or from a different demographic group), that doesn't make it ok. 

In fact, if we're being honest, Democratic Socialism is a whole lot closer to Soviet Communism than America's constitutional republic.  

So how perfect is it to find tapes of Bernie in Soviet Russia in 1988

The Soviet Union is home to Bernie's antiquated ideas and morally bankrupt ideology. 

If anyone has a "Russia problem," it's Bernie. 

And while I'm under no illusion that the media will ever push a narrative about Russia & Bernie's shared affinity for government control and Socialism, it's much more fitting than any silly narrative tying Trump & Russia together.