What The Radical Left Really Means By Equality

The headline of an ad in yesterday's New York Times read, "Don't Ban Equality." 

Now you may find yourself wondering, "How am I trying to ban equality? I'm just checking out today's headlines and eating a bowl of Cheerios."

Well, the writers of the ad are glad you asked. 

According to their argument, if you restrict abortion, you ban equality. And, according to the 180 executives who signed on to this ad, that's bad for business. 

You may have thought that being pro-business meant you favored low taxes, free markets, and decreased bureaucracy. And in a normal world, that would be correct.

But according to Leftists in 2019, being "pro-business" means you're "pro-choice." 

Of course it does. [Insert eye roll here.]

And if you don't believe so, just check out the 180 business executives who put their business and personal names to this ad.

But this is where things really start to entertain me.

You see, you can't see the names of all 180 businesses who endorse this message. And why can't you see them? Simple: they're not all listed in the ad. 

Apparently, some businesses are more equal than others in the "equality movement." 

In fact, these "pro-equality" Leftists have created 3 classes of equality in their ad.  

First, there are the most equal: those whose business & executive names are prominently shown in the largest, boldest font in the ad.

Next, there are the second-class losers. They find their company & executive names placed in the ad, but in smaller font and in a less prominent spot. 

And last, there are those who were the least equal among this very distinguished crowd. These are apparently the rejects. The third-class buisnesses. The misfits. Or, if you prefer, the deplorables. And if you want to see who they are, you have to look them up on the website. 

This, my friend, very aptly represents how the radical Left views equality. Equality means they are placed in positions of leadership and honor because, after all, they are superior and should be prominently featured in society. And the rest of us are simply losers, rejects and deplorables who should be thankful that our names are even mentioned anywhere near their highly-distinguished names. 

Even if that means our names are hidden in the dark corners of their website.