Make absolutely no mistake about it: Nancy Pelosi's decision to avoid pursuing impeachment at this time is not based on principle, but rather, on politics. 

It's all about the 2020 election and how she thinks she can help best position the Democrats to win. 

Her goals are simple. Keep the House. Win the Senate. Win the White House. 

It's literally about nothing else. 

It's not, as she claims, to avoid divisiveness in the United States. 

It's not about whether there is enough evidence to pursue impeachment. 

It's about power and the ability to control the political agenda in America. 

But notice she's not admitting this. She's pretending it's about a gut-wrenching decision as to whether or not the president should be impeached, based solely upon the objective evidence. Of course it is. [Insert eye roll here.] And we're supposed to believe she's losing sleep as she weighs the legitimate concerns, brought by the radical wing of her party, with her desire to prevent division in America. 

Don't be fooled. Nancy Pelosi is saavy political veteran, skilled at playing politics. She has been elected Speaker - twice - by making Americans think elections were about something other than the Left's broken ideology. 

Nancy Pelosi wants Americans to give her party control of the political agenda, all while making voters believe the decision is about anything other than her broken ideology. 


To hear more about how Nancy Pelosi is playing politics with her phony rationale for not moving on impeachment, listen to today's episode of my show.