AOC Says Fascist Trump Is Running Concentration Camps Along Southern Border

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compares US detention centers for illegal aliens to concentration camps. 

This doesn't even qualify for hyperbole. It's innacurate on every level. It's irresponsible. And it's beneath any Member of Congress to say such an atrocious, deceitful thing. 

Concentration camps were death camps

Hitler adopted them from Joseph Stalin, a man he once admired before inexplicably deciding to wage war against him during World War II. (Pride comes before the downfall, right?)

Both men used concentration camps to kill many millions. 


Who did they kill? Anyone who disagreed with them. Or anyone they disliked. People of a certain religion or ethnic group or political group or race or ethnicity. Whoever they wanted. 

Concentration camps weren't prisons for people who committed violent crimes. They were torture chambers and death camps for those Hitler and Stalin said had the wrong genetic makeup or beliefs. 

People were sent to concentration camps unjustifiably by insane, immoral governments. They were captured while they were going about their everyday business. Their only crime was their religion or race. Truly sickening, evil stuff. 

By contrast, detention centers are set-up for those entering our nation illegally. They decide to come here to seek a better life, and they understand it is a crime to enter our country illegally, even if they are seeking asylum. They reject refuge from Mexico, instead opting to break our laws, knowing that if they get caught, they will be detained.

They are detained legally. And their detention is justifiable. 

They are not tortured. 

They are not assigned to hard labor. 

They are not subjected to inhumane "medical research." 

They aren't branded with an identification number.  

And they are not sent to die in gas chambers.

Instead, they are often given a court date and released within the US after a few short weeks.

Comparing these facilities to concentration camps is absolutely deceitful and cannot be taken seriously in the slightest. 

Anyone uttering these things either has no idea about history or is intentionally trying to grossly misrepresent reality for political gain. 

And while it's tempting to think it's the former with AOC, experience and wisdom teach us that it's absolutely, unequivocally the latter.