The 'Nonexistent' COVID Plan

So now anonymous sources are claiming that President Joe Biden did not receive a Covid-19 vaccination plan from the Trump administration.

Todd referenced an article from CNN on the show today that says Biden's team was left with a 'nonexistent' coronavirus plan.

According to the media, Biden's promised turnaround of the pandemic by way of public vaccination will be delayed because they have to start from ground zero. 

If there's no evidence of a coronavirus plan, how did the Trump administration launch and execute Operation Warp Speed to get multiple vaccines in an unprecedented amount of time?

And remember, just a few short months ago, the media and Democrat Party were actively telling us that Trump couldn't come close to delivering on his promise of a vaccine in 2020. The things these Radical Leftists want you to believe...


(Topic discussed at 11 min & 34:30 min)