So Google is planning to interefere in the 2020 Election? I guess the Left is ok with that - you know, since they're not Russian. 

The Constitution prohibits religious tests as a requirement for being a federal officeholder. But in what universe does this constitute a religious test? 

Bernie Sanders is a Socialist. Now, he'll tell you he's a Democratic Socialist because that (apparently) makes it more palatable to some. But he's a Socialist. 

It's our pleasure to welcome Senator Mike Braun to the program today to discuss his first 100 days in office.

Make absolutely no mistake about it: Nancy Pelosi's decision to avoid pursuing impeachment at this time is not based on principle, but rather, on politics. 

CNN's Chris Cilizza is apparently upset at President Trump - not Congress - for "tax loopholes" that exist. 

The headline of an ad in yesterday's New York Times read, "Don't Ban Equality."