John Malcolm of the Heritage Foundation Talks About The Kavanaugh Appointment


Peter Strzok testifies before a joint session of the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committees. Fireworks. Arrogance. Condescension. Contempt. Exposing the Deep State & the Swamp. Completely unacceptable behavior from Strzok. Conservative Not Bitter. My interview with John Malcolm of the Heritage Foundation. We discuss Trump's Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh. John shares a tremendous amount of insight and has great things to say about Mr. Kavanaugh. 


Trump Criticized For Tough Comments About Germany


Trump tells NATO Secretary General that Germany is "held captive" and is "totally controlled by Russia" because of their energy dependence on Russia. Expecting allies to fund NATO at agreements they agreed to is, well, reasonable. Ridiculous CNN piece. Conservative principles create a safer world. Self-defense. Relying upon the US for protection. 


Political Perspective


German Army used broomsticks painted black (i.e., pretend guns) in NATO exercise in 2015. Illustrates just one reason the world needs the United States of America. Lisa Page decides she's not going to honor congressional subpoena and won't show up for testimony today. The Kavanaugh nomination process. Women's group forgets to replace "XX" with name of actual nominee in their email announcing protest. Perspective. 


Trump Appoints Brett Kavanaugh


Crisis averted as The Bachelorette was able to be seen in its entirety last night. Some wanted Trump to tweet his pick for the High Court. Why can't The Bachelorette tweet the winner of the rose ceremony? Fundraising & firing up the political base over this pick. Giving political cover to Democrats seeking re-election in Trump states. The value of the Court to Liberals. Letting the SCOTUS process play out. 


Political Differences Justify Unacceptable Behavior For Some Radical Leftists


Trump to announce Supreme Court pick this evening. Politics of the decision. Will any Republican candidates vote against nominee? Will any Democrats vote to confirm nominee? Man in Texas throws drink in teenager's face for wearing MAGA hat. Microcosm of larger political civil war we're experiencing today. Marc Lamont Hill finds this 3 times hilariously funny - but he doesn't endorse it. And in case you're wondering, MAGA hats are apparently synonymous with swastikas now. Conservative Not Bitter Party launch.