Kavanaugh and the Court of Public (and Political) Opinion


Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh appear to be gearing up to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday. Republicans had no choice but to invite Ms. Ford to testify, but what do we expect the outcome to be? Classic he said, she said scenario. Politics of the confirmation vote. Will Republicans ask questions that need to be asked? This is a political proceeding, not a criminal proceeding. Comparing & contrasting a political process with a legal process. What is the objective? Justice is sought in the criminal system.


Kavanaugh Accused & Fake News Hits The Weather Channel


Writer of anonymous letter about Brett Kavanaugh comes forward. Christine Blasey Ford is a professor in California & a Democrat. Accuses Kavanaugh of sexual assault in high school 30 years ago. No way we can ever know what really happened here. But a 2nd witness & friend of Kavanaugh said nothing like this ever happened. Democrats want to delay & investigate. Republicans want to maintain the current schedule. Political ramifications? Fake news infiltrates The Weather Channel - and it may not be why you think. The priceless response from The Weather Channel. An apology.

Feinstein's Dirty Political Trick


Diane Feinstein gives letter concerning Brett Kavanaugh to the FBI. Unnamed source. Unspecified allegation(s). Withheld from the American people. This is designed to harm his reputation and delay or even terminate the Kavanaugh nomination. I wish I had accepted some fundamental truths about politicians and the media earlier. The Democrat strategy demonstrates they really think they can win the Senate. Hurricane Florence hits Carolinas. Be sure to pick a charity like the Red Cross over the Clinton Foundation.

Stupidity Running Rampant


Washington Post blames President Trump, at least in part, for Hurricane Florence. Climate Change. Man’s role in Climate Change. John Kerry admits to meeting secretly with Iranians to save Iran Deal. And we’re supposed to believe Trump violated the Hatch Act? Democrats ask Kavanaugh 1,278 questions (literally), and he provided his answers to them. Remind your kids of this the next time they complain about homework. And also tell them that those asking the questions were hoping Kavanaugh failed the test. And perhaps the most entertaining story I’ve come across in some time: College of Southern Nevada sociology professor shoots himself in arm to protest Trump. Yes, we have a lot of fun with this.

More Radicals Seem To Believe Political Violence Is Justified


The radical Left turns to more threats, violence. DC McAllister in hiding because of her tweet about abortion. Congressman Scalise says some on the Left are “inciting violence.” California man attacks Republican congressional candidate with a (pink) switchblade knife in San Francisco. Abortion activists raise $1 million+ on crowdfunding platform, then tell Susan Collins they will give it to her opponent if she confirms Kavanaugh. Conservative, not bitter.