It's A Microcosm Of What's Wrong


The perfect storm: an irresponsible media, a tempting story that fits their phony narrative & social media radicals. What we were told. What really happened. Social media meltdown from verified Leftist Twitter accounts go bananas: Wish kids got cancer, try to make public students’ personal information & want to punch in them in face. #KeepingItClassy Why do we have to choose sides in 0.3 seconds? Many seek to justify their own opinions & beliefs - and then fill in the facts.

If Not Now, When?


Democrats reject Trump’s deal to reopen government out-of-hand … before he even shares details. Funding government through ridiculous continuing resolutions (CR’s) versus annual budgeting is Congress’ fault. Having an unsolved border crisis is Congress’ fault. Americans’ lives are being destroyed by criminal illegal aliens, and Trump is demanding Congress act. Is it worth a shutdown? If not now, when?

Trump Grounds Nancy


Trump rejects Pelosi’s request to use military aircraft to travel to Brussels, Egypt & Afghanistan. Media says these actions put Pelosi in danger because it violated standard safety protocol for someone entering a war zone. How did we get here? Empty promises. Political opportunists. The numbers on criminal illegal aliens are astonishing & demonstrate we clearly have a crisis along the southern border. Stupid stuff we’re told: walls don’t work; walls are immoral; Ornery Uncle Dick Durbin. Reframe this issue in reality and let’s get it fixed.

Political Theater Over the State of the Union


Senator Dick Durbin’s “Ornery Uncle” analogy. Huh? Nancy Pelosi sends letter to Trump requesting date of the SOTU Address be moved because of government shutdown. Are security personnel not considered essential to our government? Anyone out there believe her concerns are genuine - or is this more “politics as usual?” Submit in writing? Give Address from another location? Steny Hoyer (D-MD) admits walls work and that they are not, in fact, immoral. Kudos to a Democrat Congressman who is willing to acknowledge this. Study finds border wall will only have to be slightly effective to pay for itself over a decade. Concerned about Trump’s 2020 chances? Watch this interview to hear a perspective that we don’t normally hear.

Lunacy Reigns in Today's Liberal Party


In the past 24 hours, radical Democrats have told us: (1) ankle bracelets work better than walls; (2) you can skip a negotiation and still blame the other side of refusing to compromise; (3) a white congressman from Hawaii is an “Asian man trapped in a white body;” (4) a black conservative political commentator has benefitted from white privilege; and (5) they’d rather be compared to a terrorist than remind folks they hosted The Man Show over a decade ago, where they acted like perverts & told girls to jump on trampolines. A listener question about “The Trump Trap” and the Government Shutdown.