Sound Off with Travis Mills


In honor of Veterans Day, we are pleased to bring you Sound Off - a weeklong interview series designed to give a voice to our veterans. Today, we speak with Travis Mills, US Army veteran, author and motivational speaker. Listen as Travis shares his incredible story. Thank you for your service, Travis.

This Is Much Worse Than The Russian Collusion Fantasy


Another election debacle in Florida. Votes being magically “found.” The media narrative is so incredibly hypnotizing for many Americans. This mess in Florida is so much worse than the phony Russian collusion narrative. Lawsuits. Memories of dimpled & hanging chads. Today is the 29th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now we have candidates openly embraced as socialists.

Well, That Didn't Take Long


Tension increases in wake of 2018 midterms. Jim “Very Fake News” Acosta acts like a child in the President’s presser, wrestles microphone away from female intern. Compare to Acosta’s grandstanding a few weeks ago during Kavanaugh confirmation process. Trump requests Sessions’ resignation letter. Prepares for Democrats to lead House, and by extension Russian investigation. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

Votes, Not Polls, Determine Elections


Election Day has finally arrived. No one knows what’s going to happen. But the experts predict Democrats will gain control of the House and Republicans will retain control of the Senate. Win or lose, we have work to do. The lost art of persuasion. Votes, not polls, determine elections. We have inherited the greatest nation in the history of the world - and it’s our job to ensure the flame of Liberty is passed on to the next generation. Listen to our live Election coverage on Freedom 95 tonight.

Deceit & Panic on the Eve of the Midterms


Democrats are sending postcards out - encouraging people to vote for the third party candidate instead of the Republican. I just received what I believe to be one of them - but since no name is on it regarding who sent it, I suppose it could just as easily be the Russians. Doesn’t this clearly demonstrate that a vote for third party candidates are often a vote for the Democrats? College kids suffering “clinically significant” symptoms of trauma over 2016 Election? PTSD? Having “collective flashbacks?”