What Does The SCOTUS Ruling On Internet Sales Tax Mean?

The Supreme Court rules 5-4 that states can force retailers located in other states to collect & remit sales taxes on sales they made to residents of their respective state. That's a mouth full. And it's going to cause a lot more confusion than that. We discuss. Time Magazine cover of Trump and small, crying immigrant child. Melania's jacket. Begin broadcasting Monday on KYAH in Utah. 

Applying Civics 101 In Today's Political Turmoil


Today, we review Trump's Executive Order on the separation of families along the border. Dispelling the myths. Constitutional responsibilities for each branch of government. Basic civics. We don't need Russian trolls casting division in the US; we've got the media and leaders of the Democrat Party doing that. Irresponsible mischaracterizations. 


Border Enforcement, Christianity & Politics


The continued politicization of separating families at the border. All criminal proceedings separate children from their parents. The responsible way to fix this conflicts with the political capital the Left thinks Trump is losing. Jeff Sessions has been charged by 640 members of The United Methodist Church for violating church rules and possibly causing child abuse for border policies on separating families. I think I can hear the fringe Left cheering for the combination of church and state now. US pulls out of UN's Human Rights Council. Excited to announce that our show will start airing next week in Utah on KYAH (540AM) in Delta - reaching the Salt Lake City, Provo and Sandy markets. 


Who Is Politicizing The Separation Of Illegal Immigrant Families Along The Border?


Politicizing the separation of illegal immigrant families along the southern border. Summarizing what we discussed yesterday - because it matters. Who's guilty of politicizing? Democrats introduce Keep Families Together Act, which is really just 'Catch & Release.' Congress makes laws. Other headlines that could be written if the media wasn't one-sided. Venezuela. Promoting Liberty, rule of law and free market capitalism would solve a lot of the world's ills. Exciting news about the program coming soon. 


Illegal Immigration: Getting Past The Talking Points


Today, we discuss what's happening along the border regarding the separation of children and families. Focus on a really comprehensive article written by Rich Lowry of National Review. Are congressmen trying to address a problem or capitalize politically? Kathy Griffin, again.