#112 - Democrats Doubles Down on Socialism

1st Segment: If the FBI isn't investigating Hillary Clinton, they should probably inform the 150 FBI agents investigating her. Democrat Town Hall was 2-1/2 hours of unabashed Socialism. Lunatic on Twitter. No investigation? Better tell: Fox News, CNNNew York Post, National Review, Washington Examiner, MediaIte, Breitbart & a host of others. Hillary Clinton absolutely needs to be under investigation. Word games & sophistry. Many are predicting that Hillary will be indicted. Much more evidence to indict Hillary than Officer Wilson, officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson. Information Hillary put on an unsecure server was very sensitive. Life or death. Our enemies employ experts to hack US servers nonstop. Bizarro World on display at Democrat Town Hall. Hillary claims responsibility for success in Iran. Delusional. Hillary supporters are blinded to truth. 

2nd Segment: JDot in 3rd Segment. Chris Cuomo was a waterboy for the Left last night at Town Hall. Bernie Sanders went first. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley went second & Hillary Clinton received the coveted final slot. Surprise. Unabashed Socialism on display from Bernie Sanders. And all 3 candidates for that matter. Economic education in America. Socialists believe they can solve all problems through big government. Bernie was awkward, bizarre, silly. Just what I expected. Capitalism has delivered more people from poverty than Socialism could even dream. Platitudes. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley pops off jacket and rolls up sleeves as soon as possible! Hillary's cackling laugh. Whole Town Hall was an absolute joke. 

3rd Segment: These Democrat Socialist ideas are losers - not trying to sound like Trump. 3-in-3 background & history. Conservatives have fun. The hard core Left is miserable. 

Final Segment: New show format intended to accommodate a syndication format. Thank you for your patience. Missed a commercial break on Friday. Met a listener for dinner over the holidays. I'd love to connect via Twitter or email. Feel free to reach out. 

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