#115 - Now We Wait

1st Segment: The final debate before Iowa is now in the books. Now we wait to see the results of the Iowa Caucus - which is Monday. Technical problems with our show host transfer. Loading into iTunes? Other places to listen include our websiteSoundCloudStitcher, Player FM & LearnOutLoud. These so-called debates are not debates; they are group press conferences. Lincoln-Douglas Senate debates. CNN did a better job than Fox. Any objectivity in this process? No cheerleading for any candidate here. Getting a strong, driven, principled Conservative. Obama is certainly dedicated & driven, but he holds the wrong ideology. Each candidate gets very limited speaking time & much of that time is dedicated to talking points, niceties or prepared comments. Fox moderators, specifically Megyn Kelly & Chris Wallace, do a very bad job. Compare to Democrat Town Hall on Monday. "Who is your favorite President?" Cross examination by prosecution. Maybe more of these guys should have boycotted with Donald Trump. 

2nd Segment: Too much power to moderators. Candidates are too boxed in with rules. This is not a giant cage man designed to leave one man standing - battered and bruised. Pitting candidates against each other. Why not use true journalists as moderators? Better if we don't even remember who moderated a debate. It's not about the moderators. Moderators get to use multi-media & unlimited time to make accusations against candidates - and then they have to respond within silly, arbitrary rules. It's not reasonable or a fair approach. Moderators can ask tough questions, but they should not launch the grenades. How are police body cameras a federal issue for a President? Luke 6:41 - good advice for DC: tend to your own problems without meddling in state & local issues. A response I'd love to hear on issues not pertinent to the Federal Government & President. The real issues. Many candidates did well last night. 

3rd Segment: Fox News has now firmly established that they are not in the tank for the Republicans. Democrats still have every other major media outlet in their corner. Something good about every candidate. 

Final Segment: Ted Cruz is most conservative. Marco Rubio is best communicator. Ben Carson is most sincere. Jeb Bush is the most experienced. Chris Christie is perhaps the toughest. Rand Paul is the best defender of personal liberty. John Kasich is the most policy-oriented. Donald Trump will get major coverage to discuss debate over the next few days. Moderators: do your job.