#118 - The Democrat Party Is a Disaster

Searching for The Antidote to Liberalism? Look no further! 

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1st Segment: The Democrat Party is an absolute mess. They lecture us on how to be more superficially diverse, and they offer 1 old white guy and a Clinton. And they're Socialists. Democrat Party = Divide & Conquer Party. Constantly attack America - which is the best nation in the history of the world. American greatness is found in our ideas & foundations, not our DNA. We just passed $18,000,000,000,000 in federal debt. Margaret Thatcher. Killing the golden goose. "She's a liar!" chant by Democrats - against Hillary Clinton. Bernie is a "Democratic Socialist." Inherent problems of socialism. There isn't a difference between Democrats & Socialists in today's Democrat Party. Just tell us the difference, Chris Matthews. Coin tosses. FBI investigation. Bernie Sanders threatens to drop out of tomorrow's debate. All the energy is behind Sanders, crazy though that may be. Hillary is unlikeable & mechanical - and her approval drops every time she steps in front of American people. 

2nd Segment: More proof the Democrat Party is a mess. One of their final 2 candidates recklessly put National Security info on her private, unsecure server. They won't tell us what's in documents because it's too sensitive. Other governments almost certainly have it. Benghazi. Democrat Party has become home to Socialists. A fight is being waged for control of GOP, but the Democrat Party is a complete mess. There is great anger among Americans. But let's not just do something different; let's take this opportunity to restore Constitutional Conservatism. We have to address immediate problems of border security, ISIS, national security, spending - but we have to undo much more of what the Democrats have done. Who really has the unelectable candidates? The young Socialists look at their country and see a huge mess - but they blame the wrong people. 

3rd Segment: We need to ignore the Left's & the media's opinion on which of our candidates are electable. House was unable to overcome Obama veto on Obamacare. Healthcare. Who is best at solving your problems: you or government? The market tries to meet the needs & wants of it's customers. Every time the government steps in, we really only see limits on receiving the product or service we've told the market we want. 

Final Segment: A few updates. Minor show changes have been made, and other tweaks may need to be made. Possible opportunities for show. Still having iTunes issue with our RSS feed. Hope it will be resolved today or tomorrow - but it's out of my hands.