#126 - A Great Man Leaves a Massive Void

1st Segment: America lost a great man & a great Supreme Court Justice over the weekend with the death of Antonin Scalia. I witnessed Scalia in action during oral arguments. Bold. Powerful. Incredibly intelligent. A major loss for America. The Left has a major amount of vitriol for those on the Right. Scalia's style led me to pity an attorney - for the first and only time ever. Clarence Thomas' posture during oral arguments. Scalia's view on the Constitution. Originalist. Constructionist. Not a living, breathing document. Means what it says & says what it means. Constitution is our Society's bedrock. Rights are from God; they are recognized by the Government. Judicial activism. Balance of Powers. Reagan's fingerprints on America are fading away. The next Justice could impact America for 30-40 years, and his/her decisions could have a deeper impact than that. 

2nd Segment: President's Day. Washington's birthday today. Lincoln's birthday was Friday. My kids quiz me on Presidents during dinner. Scalia is a great American, and it's bittersweet to lose him during the time when we recognize other great Americans. Obama should NOT nominate next Justice. Senate should stand firm. Obama's short list. We are in the midst of a Presidential Election cycle. Vast array of candidates with differing ideas, approaches & ideology. Voters know what's at stake. Let them decide who should fill the vacancy. Chuck Grassley supports Senate blocking Obama nomination. Will the Senate capitulate? Senate should not give him their consent. Today's Daily Dose. If Constitution means anything - or everything - what are these jokers swearing to uphold? America needs a fundamental education on the Constitution & our Government. America has ushered in more Liberty, Prosperity & Quality of Life than anything the world has ever known. We are in danger of losing what made America the shining city on a hill it has been throughout her history.

3rd Segment: GOP South Carolina debate on Saturday. Trump leads. Lively debate over the weekend. Ted Cruz responds to Marco Rubio in Spanish. But what language does Hillary Clinton speak when campaigning in the South? So ridiculous. More concern over Cruz's ability to speak Spanish than Hillary's patronizing black southern audiences with her phony dialect. Remembering Scalia.