#127 - Liberals Feel, Conservatives Think


1st Segment: Special thanks to groundhog & global warming. Launching on Red State Talk Radio on February 22. Liberalism is emotional; Conservatism is logical. Refugees. I feel much better - thanks for asking! Teaching others to replicate American principles on their own is the most sympathetic thing we can do. Leading music in DC. Serving the homeless in DC. Give a man a fish analogy. Presidential hopeful Kanye West's statements about white publications talking about black music. These generations aren't quite right, are they? Can Elizabeth Warren comment? Rachel Dolezal? Mark Zuckerberg? What about when black music incorrectly disparages white people or the GOP: can we comment then? The Superficial Left. Democrats are a Party of old white men & a Clinton. GOP has much more externally diverse candidates. Free speech & free expression, Kanye? Kanye's album not available on iTunes (Bill Gates was white), but it is available on Tidal (Jay-Z is black). But apparently the staff isn't. 

2nd Segment: JDot makes an appearance a little later. 3-in-3: Ted Cruz; Donald Trump; Lawsuit; BONUS - Deal-Breaker. JDot's clear canvas. Not going to discuss questions surrounding Antonin Scalia's death. Trump challenges Cruz's citizenship & eligibility to be President. Trump wants RNC to tell Cruz to "stop lying about Trump's positions." Trump's been inconsistent on issues throughout his life for sure. Trump also wants debate tickets to go to those who aren't donors. Suggests his pledge to support eventual GOP candidate is in jeopardy. Loyal Trump supporters are not ideological; they are angry. They are tired of politicians & the problems we have in DC. In their minds, the fundamental problem is corruption & mismanagement more than it is ideology. Trump supporters will only leave him if they believe he doesn't represent the tough, no-nonsense outsider candidate. Polls in South Carolina. Where do supporters move as more candidates drop out? Rubio + Cruz = 36% in South Carolina.

3rd Segment: Was this really a abbreviated show today? The GOP political landscape. JDot's 3-in-3. A home-style production. Good audio, but JDot needs cut loose & not hold back.