By the sound of things, you'd think that President Trump and Republicans in the Senate are fighting with every ounce of fiber in their souls to prevent the Mueller Report from being released to the public. 

But the problem is, that's simply not true. 

In fact, less than 2 weeks ago, the House voted nearly unanimously for the full report to be released to the public

And since (thankfully) Democrats don't have unanimous control of the House, Republicans joined them in massive numbers supporting the measure. 

The bill ran into problems in the Senate, but that was more because of procedural concerns and additional investigations than it was because Republicans want the measure kept from public view. 

Even Trump is calling for the release of the full report. 

So once again, Democrats on Capital Hill are fighting a make believe battle for political benefit - pure & simple. 

And yet they still wonder why Donald Trump resonates so much with his base. 

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