#45 - Democrat Debate, Battle for Speaker & Liberal Nonsense

0:00 - Intro.
0:35 - Welcome. Our 2nd official "remote" podcast.
1:42 - Today's podcast will be somewhat abbreviated. 
2:13 - A brief summary of our show's growth. Thank you listeners! But we're still trying to get into the last 12 states. 
3:40 - Common Sense can reverse the ravage affects of Liberalism. 
4:54 - The Democrat debate is tomorrow. Finally.
7:00 - Hillary Clinton will not come out of tomorrow night's debate more likeable. Bernie Sanders will hit the national stage. And he is going to shock a lot of people with the things he says. He's an unfettered socialist. And, of course, we've got the infamous "3 other guys."
9:12 - Everyone on the Democrat debate stage voted for Barack Obama. And one of them actually worked for him. And we're down to the final few hours before the debate. Can't. Wait!
12:30 - Barack Obama was interviewed by Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes
14:46 - Obama thinks he could win a third term. But a lot of his campaign magic is gone.
16:43 - Putin is trash-talking us. And he has at least considered sending large numbers of ground troops to Syria. 

18:15 - Obama on our economy.
20:00 - Speaker of the House fight is a good thing. A bad outcome is still possible, but the fact that we're having the fight is a good sign. 
21:17 - If Conservatives expect to win moving forward, we better accept that this is how every issue will be. 
21:45 - Breitbart reports that Paul Ryan doesn't have enough votes to be Speaker. 
23:52 - Fox News reports that Army officer involved Bo Bergdahl case will recommend no jail time for Bergdahl. 
25:05 - Hollywood has it's own "war on women." 
26:22 - Deray McKesson thinks that looting is defensible. Of course it is. 
28:05 - Police officer mows lawn for a woman with a baby on her back. 
29:25 - Wrap-up & outro. 

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