#46 - The JV Team is Ready to Join the Debate

0:00 - Intro.
0:39 - Welcome. Today is the day for the Democrats to showcase the best they have to offer America for President of the United States. 
2:00 - We'd like to officially welcome the JV team to the presidential selection process. 
2:40 - We'd like to welcome the great state of Alaska to our audience!
4:00 - We're back in the home studio today. 
5:08 - CNN is begging Joe Biden to attend the debate tonight. The Republican debate on CNN was the most watched event on CNN in history. And Donald Trump thinks if he was in the debate, he could draw a big audience. 
8:25 - If you watch tonight's debate, and if you understand human nature & politics, you will be amused by what you hear. That is, until you understand that about half of the nation thinks that what these goobers say makes sense. 
9:03 - The idea that "4 old white guys and a Clinton" will say something new is very naive. 
9:50 - Bernie Sanders will say some of the things you'd expect to hear from your 21-year-old nephew, who's fresh home from college & who has bought into the socialist & communist junk he's been indoctrinated with at school.

10:43 - Hillary will be no more likeable tomorrow than she is today. In fact, she's out trying to tell us she's a robot. With Hillary, there is no magic. No likeability. No warmth. No substance. 
14:04 - If Joe Biden shows up on that stage tomorrow night, somehow, by a stroke of luck, I may get a tingle down my leg. 
15:25 - CNN expects far fewer viewers for the Democrat debate than they had for the Republican debate. 
16:00 - Moderator Anderson Cooper won't pit Democrat candidates against one another. Jake Tapper admitted he tried to do that in the Republican debate. 
18:58 - This is an audition for the Democrat Party candidates. They are all vying for as many "low-information voters" as they possibly can. 
21:00 - Hillary Clinton is interested in one thing: getting elected. And then, if she's elected, her next focus will be to win re-election. 
21:43 - The worst Republican candidate is far better than any of these Democrat jokers.
22:27 - The starting premise of the media is that the Democrats have the serious candidates; Republicans are not serious because they have candidates like Donald Trump. 
24:03 - Anderson Cooper says that the Republican candidates actually want to start fights with one another. And, of course, the Democrat candidates don't. But the "3 other guys" have been trying to have any sort of dialog and debate, but have instead been silenced. 
28:03 - A message from the President about the Nuclear Deal. But I'm not talking about Iran; I'm talking about North Korea. 
29:54 - Why do I bring up North Korea nuclear deal? Simple: they can now apparently strike us with their nuclear weapons. Kim Jong-un is a madman. And now he has a missile that we believe can deliver nuclear warheads to targets in the United States. 
31:00 - What Bill Clinton said about the North Korean nuclear deal in 1994 is identical to what we're hearing Barack Obama say about the Iran nuclear deal today. 
31:58 - Senators like Jihadi Joe Donnelly are making this incredibly dangerous nonsense possible. 
35:06 - Wrap-up & outro. 

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