#47 - The Democrat Presidential Circus

0:00 - Intro.
0:36 - Welcome. The JV squad has finally taken the field and shared their crazy ideas on how to govern. Yikes.
1:42 - Twitter denies my ad to promote this shirt (to the right). 
4:09 - Hyperbole. Satire. Drama. Exaggeration. All of these are important to political free speech.
5:16 - Andrew Jackson and the Jackass logo.
8:28 - The word "ass" (as in donkey/jackass) is used in the Bible many times. So then how can one say it is a vulgar word? Here is the ad. 

14:05 - Don't Isis members have Twitter accounts? How can my Jackasses ad compare with that?
15:29 - My thoughts on the Democrat Debate. 
17:39 - It was a race to give as many freebies away as possible. 
18:14 - "It's our job to reign in the excesses of capitalism."  - Hillary Clinton
20:02 - It was also a race to see which candidate could position him/herself as the most hated candidate of the NRA. 
20:50 - Lincoln Chafee: Yikes! What is appealing about this guy?
21:40 - I thought it was commendable for the Left to pass bills without reading them. 

22:40 - Of the "3 other guys," Martin O'Malley was the most appealing to the Democrats. Surely. 
23:17 - The Left looks at America as a conglomeration of demographic groups with nothing in common. They only look at us as: a group of people with a certain gender, or race, or sexual orientation, or whatever. 
27:03 - Bernie Sanders is the "nutty professor." But I'm sure the hardcore Left loved him.
28:25 - Anderson Cooper actually pushed back a little bit on these candidates. 
28:54 - Hillary dodges questions about Benghazi. Anderson Cooper called her out on this, and she promised to be "getting back to that," but she never did. 
29:44 - Hillary's strategy is to bore us to death during her answers so that we just want her to stop talking.
30:10 - Hillary claimed she was begging the House Committee to come testify about Benghazi. She claims to have cooperated and been super transparent throughout the process. Then Hillary & Bernie awkwardly shake hands. 
31:26 - Don Lemon's appearance & the question about Black Lives Matter. 
34:36 - Hillary: Free Puppies. One of our listeners (Brad, IN) suggested this campaign theme for Hillary, and it was actually on display for all to see at the debate. 
36:18 - Undocumented immigrants vs. Invaders. Which is more accurate?
38:50 - The freebies promised by the Left's candidates are not rights. These things can be addressed in the free market, not the government. 
40:00 - The vast majority of workers are not affected by the minimum wage at all. If employers only paid people the least amount allowed by law, then why do the vast majority of people make more than minimum wage?
41:03 - Wrap-up and outro. 

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