#48 - HIllary, the Media & the GOP Nomination

0:00 - Intro.
0:36 - Welcome.
1:14 - Hilary Clinton won the debate clearly, according to the "experts." 
3:15 - On what criteria did Hillary win the debate?
6:27 - The Democrat candidates didn't really propose any solutions. 
8:46 - I don't know who won the debate. If you look at this objectively, I have no idea on how to select a winner. 
10:17 - They still blame Bush. We are in the 2016 election cycle, and they are blaming a guy who was first elected in 2000. Unreal.
13:54 - I don't need the talking heads to tell me, immediately after the debate, what I just saw.
14:22 - The media's job (today) is to convince me I didn't see what I saw. It used to be their job to convince me that I saw something I didn't see. Their newer technique is even bolder than the previous technique. 
15:10 - HIllary Clinton's MO is to delete, hide & deny. 
16:00 - The media simply proclaims Hillary as the winner of the debate & the low information crowd hears that & assumes it's true. This is all the media wanted to get out of the debate. 
17:15 - Listener observations. Chris says Hillary should go ahead and give away a humpback whale. Brad thinks Hillary's campaign theme should be "Hillary: Free Puppies."
18:22 - Why stop with promises of free healthcare. Why not just ban cancer & death? 
19:22 - You rob someone if you do for someone what they can do on their own. This ultimately leads to a person's inability to have succeeded or failed by his/her own effort. 
23:30 - Old Testament story of Jews crossing the Jordan River. (Story found in Joshua chapters 3 and 4. 
24:25 - Hardship can be one of the best teachers. And when people are sheltered from the consequences of their bad decisions, bad things happen. This is one problem with Liberalism. 
27:02 - Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton won the debate. But Trump is excited to run against her because he is convinced he will beat her. 
27:56 - It's been rumored that the Democrats fear running against Marco Rubio. That's a ruse. Don't believe it. If you want to know who the Democrats fear, watch who they attack. They will show you who they really fear; they will not truthfully tell you. Same thing happened in 2012 with Mitt Romney

30:20 - The Democrats attack Trump, Carson & Cruz - for now anyway. 
31:23 - I mistakenly said Huckleberry Finn fooled his friend into painting the fence. But it was actually Tom Sawyer. Point is, these are the sorts of games the Democrats engage in - especially when it comes to telling us which Republican candidates they fear. 
31:53 - Concerns of some that we nominate Donald Trump and then the magic wears off. Then he loses to Hillary Clinton because he can't persuade others or articulate his ideas clearly enough to win. I don't understand this fear because Trump has walked through the gauntlet & survived - even thrived. I think the decision to nominate Trump should be made on whether or not we believe he is Conservative enough. 
34:22 - Whoever we nominate is going to be ruthlessly attacked. No one is immune. No one. 
37:58 - We often act as though Hillary Clinton and the Left is unbeatable. That's just not an accurate assessment. She is vulnerable, weak candidate. 
40:47 - The world is on fire. We're sending troops to Cameroon. Cuba is sending troops to Syria to fight against the rebels we are supporting. 
41:30 - Many times, leadership comes down to our strength of resolve & character more than smarts & intelligence. It's often more about doing the right thing we know we should do - even though it might be difficult - than it is about doing some profound act that is fueled by intellectualism. 
44:15 - Wrap-up & outro.

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