Todd Huff Radio was ranked the top conservative podcast by The Contemporary Conservative, a conservative blogger. Todd’s show appears on the list above his inspiration, Rush Limbaugh, among others.

So what is it about Todd’s show that got him the top spot, above Glenn Beck? According to The Contemporary Conservative, it’s his “mellow delivery, personal message, and sense of humor” – all qualities that make it feel like you’re “talking to a favorite mentor or friend, rather than a know-it-all radio personality.”

But there’s more. In this conservative blogger’s top ten list, he specifically cites that he looked for conservative podcasts that would not only appeal to the conservatives, but also who might pique the curiosity of a liberal. Todd often challenges the liberal mindset on his show, but always welcomes liberals to explain & defend their ideas. His conservative, not bitter stance on talk radio is meant for exactly this – to pique the interest of the left and make them think – because as his fans know, common sense leads to conservatism.

To view the full list visit, The Contemporary Conservative’s blog. After all, there’s plenty of fake news to go around – we could all use more conservative media in our lives.

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