#49 - It's Our National Security, Stupid

0:00 - Intro.
0:36 - Welcome. Email: Todd@TheAntidoteToLibrealism.com.
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1:10 - Hillary's email woes continue. Bernie Sanders is tired of hearing about her "damn emails." Special thanks to Kevin McCarthy for making this appear like a "witch hunt" for poor Mrs. Clinton. 
3:45 - Republicans are not good at branding & marketing communications/PR. Democrats don't have this problem. Look at Obama's "Hope & Change" message. 
6:18 - The Democrats know how to get people to buy into their ideas & get them to the polls for presidential elections.
7:55 - We lose the battle before we even get into the fight. That starts with messaging. This is not about emails. It's about being flippant with national security. 

10:01 - The world is on fire & Hillary is using unsecured servers that are holding classified and Top Secret information that is vital to National Security. Surely we can see that this is serious. (Sorry, Bernie Sanders.)
15:29 - This is not about emails. It's about National Security. It's about classified, sensitive information that effects the safety of this nation. 
16:24 - Why did Hillary have a private email server? It seems most likely to me that she wanted to keep them away from the public domain - to hide them from us. And Congress. 
18:05 - If this is right, Hillary is more concerned about hiding information from us (Americans) than the Russians, Chinese and our enemies. Irresponsible. And dangerous. 
21:08 - Many people are getting excited, possibly including me, because Joe Biden might be entering the presidential race. After watching the Democrat Debate, can you blame him? 
25:20 - Obama has announced that he is going to keep soldiers in Afghanistan. Is this now Obama's "War in Afghanistan?" He told us that Bush's War in Afghanistan was from 2001-2013. So wouldn't a new war in 2015 be Obama's War? 

28:25 - Hungary has completed a fence along their border with Croatia, proving that this can, in fact, be done in 2015. 
30:35 - Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has nearly as much money in the bank as Hillary Clinton. Republican fundraising leaders for the 3rd Quarter: Ben Carson, Jeb Bush & Ted Cruz.
32:28 - A few more details about the podcast, including: an interview next week; we only need 9 more states before we reach all 50; and a new parody song...
33:48 - Wrap-up & outro. 

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