#50 - Ted Cruz & Hillary Clinton

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6:00 - Ted Cruz on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. Watch the interview. Latest Fox News
7:35 - Cruz said Trump is good for the campaign because he's framed the debate as America vs the DC Establishment (Washington Cartel).
9:26 - Many politicians see their job as (a) winning an election and then (b) getting re-elected. And if they lose an election, their job is (c) finding a job lobbying or working on campaign, etc. This all works against us - the average American voter. Ted Cruz calls this the "Washington Cartel." This is spot-on. 
11:15 - The 2 leaders in the Republican polls (Trump, 24%, and Carson, 23%) are outsiders. But Cruz is doing the sorts of things we want these outsiders to go to DC to do. 
15:35 - Chuck Todd seemed very concerned in Ted Cruz's ability to unite the Republican Party. 
16:50 - Ted Cruz said the new Republican leadership in the House (Boehner) & the Senate

(McConnell) has done worse than get "nothing"accomplished. They've actually been carrying the Democrats' water. 
17:52 - Ted Cruz has demonstrated that he will fight both sides of Washington: crazy Democrats and weak, Rino Republicans. 
18:35 - We elect these guys on the premise that they will stop Obama. Reduce the debt. Balance the budget. Repeal Obamacare. But, instead, they've legislated exactly as the Democrats would have done. 
19:50 - Cruz is the lone voice (and Mike Lee) opposing this stuff in the Senate. Where are Rand Paul & Marco Rubio? We say we as Conservatives want to take back Washington, but I'm not sure all of us have the stomach for the fight we're going to have on every single one of these issues. It's going to be messy.
21:10 - The common theme on all the current legislative issues, as portrayed in the media, is that Conservatives are the problem. Defunding Planned Parenthood. Choosing a Speaker. You name it. And once we pick a presidential nominee, watch out: they will relentlessly attack anyone we nominate. 
23:42 - This fight will not be pretty. DC is a cancer, and we must remove the cancerous cells in our government. We should do everything possible that is legal, ethical and moral.
27:32 - The guys in the Senate criticizing Cruz are the problem in DC. Not Cruz. His critics are outraged about the completely wrong things. 
29:12 - Jihadi Joe Donnelly parody coming soon. 
29:35 - Ted Cruz needs your consideration as President. Ted Cruz has been legislating as a DC-outsider.
30:21 - Hillary testifies before House Committee on Benghazi this week. Hillary has: hidden; denied; deleted.
32:38 - We wouldn't support a candidate who was involved in something like Benghazi. 
35:37 - Mrs. Carson has been attacked by crazy Leftists. 
37:18 - Get ready to hear some nonsense in HIllary's testimony. This isn't a witch hunt; it's a search for the truth. 
39:38 - We must have the resolve to see this thing through. 
40:07 - Wrap-up & outro. 

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