#39 - Tragedy: Obama Politicizes & Bibi Leads

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0:00 - Intro.
0:38 - Welcome. 
1:12 - Tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. 
1:57 - We should first acknowledge the tragedy for the families & other victims. 
4:04 - These victims were just living their lives like everyday, normal people - and some psychopath shooter changes all of that. 
4:44 - God forbid those from using this tragedy to further their political cause. 
5:00 - At the root of all of this is a dc
5:37 - Early reports indicate that the shooter asked the victims if they were Christian. If they said "yes," they were shot in the head. If they said "no," they were shot in the leg - according to Fox News. 
6:20 - The shooter was stopped through the use of physical force by others with guns. God bless the law enforcement officers for their bravery. 
6:50 - Obama races to the podium to politicize this. 
8:42 - "Never let a crisis go to waste." - Rahm Emanuel
9:17 - How many laws did the shooter break? It's as though another law would have stopped
all of this. 

12:36 - Obama politicizes everything. In fact, he acknowledges he will politicize this tragedy.
13:05 - The Declaration of Independence recognizes that our Rights come from God & The Bill of Rights identifies some of those specific rights. 
13:57 - The holiest thing we can do is choose.
14:29 - The Second Amendment of The United States Constitution. 
15:59 - The idea that legislation can prevent heinous acts like this is short-sighted. 
17:05 - The Left wastes no time making this political. 
18:05 - More Obama audio & what we do about moving forward. 
22:05 - More crazies on Twitter. 

Just an average response from a Liberal on Twitter. Sorry if it gives you nightmares!

Just an average response from a Liberal on Twitter. Sorry if it gives you nightmares!

25:00 - Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations. 
27:43 - Netanyahu's speech. Powerful. Read & Watch (RECOMMENDED!).
30:11 - The Obama Administration stood in silence as Iran promised to destroy Israel. Compare
31:16 - Wrap-up. 
32:00 - Outro. 

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