#51 - Truth & the Media

0:00 - Intro.
0:38 - Welcome Louisiana! Only need 8 states to have reached all 50 plus DC. Also, welcome to Romania & Brazil.
1:29 - Conservatives Unite here from around the country & world. We educate, entertain & energize Conservatives. And we ridicule Liberalism. 
4:35 - Today's show will be slightly abbreviated & there will be no Daily Dose. I have family visiting in town. 
7:05 - Email me your thoughts about the Daily Dose. Should we keep doing it or focus exclusively on the full-length podcast? Email me: Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com
8:30 - I was a Christian Conservative student in college. It was lonely during many class debates. 
10:55 - Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis). Great book. Great lessons. 

Mere Christianity
By C. S. Lewis

14:38 - CNN defends the Planned Parenthood videos. 
15:50 - Paul Ryan is contemplating the possibility of running for Speaker of the House.
16:20 - Joe Biden is running for President. Oh, wait...
17:38 - Bernie Sanders is going to explain why "democratic" socialism is good. Note that they have inserted the word "democratic" before socialism now. I guess that makes it better...

18:22 - But I was taught all throughout school that Truth is relative. 
20:19 - Socialism is in no way practically superior to Capitalism. 
21:58 - The Post Office is the poster child for what is wrong with Government management.
23:26 - In Bernie Sanders' video about Socialism, he makes ludicrous claim about Communism, stating that "Communism is the total absence of Government." It's 180 degrees the opposite!
26:23 - CNN tells us the Planned Parenthood videos were doctored. There you go. It's all made up. But not really...
29:51 - Joe Biden is running for President. But then he's not. So says The Washington Post. What other stories do they have written & ready to go? 
32:40 - We need more courage & toughness.
33:20 - Wrap-up & outro.

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