#52 - A Possible Conclusion in the House

0:00 - Intro.
0:37 - Welcome.
0:50 - There are now only 3 old white guys & a Clinton running for the Democrat nomination. Jim Webb drops out. 
2:52 - Paul Ryan may be the next Speaker of the House. But he hasn't legislated as a Constitutional Conservative. He scores a 57% with Conservative Review and 55% with The Heritage Foundation. A review of where we stand with the selection of Speaker.
7:42 - Jason Chaffetz has withdrawn his name from consideration, and he is supporting Paul Ryan.
9:13 - The House Freedom Caucus' problem with John Boehner was less about his ideology and more about his obstructing their ability to influence legislation and have a voice in Congress.
10:18 - The first task for Republicans in the House is to find a leader who will allow the Conservatives to have a voice in Congress. It seems like the House Freedom Caucus is at least open to the possibility that Paul Ryan fits this criteria.
12:02 - The second task is to find someone Conservative to be Speaker of the House. 
12:56 - The problem is that Conservatives often don't have the guts to see a fight through. I'm not suggesting that's what is happening here with Paul Ryan. But it very well could be. And I have questions about this. We have invested political capital here, and we need a victory here. And I think we can find someone better than Paul Ryan. We'll see. 

15:26 - Housekeeping: Daily Dose update. Will indefinitely stop producing these episodes. The original intent of these episodes was to promote the full-length podcast. But I kept doing them. However, the full-length podcasts seem to more popular, and I think it makes sense to spend more time on making it better than doing the Daily Dose episodes. We will leave the possibility of relaunching them open. Thoughts & opinions on this decision? Email me: Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com. 
19:05 - More about the Speaker of the House. It is an important, powerful position. My only concern with choosing Paul Ryan is that we have capitulated and given in too early. I'm skeptical here, but it is possible that this is the best we can do right now. 
22:08 - But don't shy away from voicing your concerns to your Congressman and taking action. 
22:32 - Last night, I was fortunate to meet with a group (Americans for Prosperity - or AFP) that helps give you ways to take action. The new Indiana Director for AFP is Justin Stevens. Special thanks to Brent for getting the group together. 
23:53 - Incidentally, we'd like to welcome the State of Rhode Island the audience. We now only have 7 states left to reach: 

  1. New Mexico
  2. North Dakota
  3. South Dakota
  4. Iowa
  5. Mississippi
  6. Wyoming
  7. Delaware

25:53 - State & local issues matter, but with our national audience, we focus primarily on national issues. Plus, I'm more inclined to cover national issues because Washington DC has the most power and the least accountability. 
26:36 - There is a potential gasoline tax increase on the horizon for my State of Indiana. If you're like me, you assumed that gasoline taxes are used to pay for infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc). But as I learned, only 1/7 of the gasoline sales tax goes to infrastructure and 6/7 goes to the general fund. 
30:44 - It's good to connect with fellow conservatives and groups like Americans for Prosperity or Heritage Action for America. The Democrats are good at organizing. These 2 groups are helping us level the playing field. 
32:24 - Foot soldiers are important to the cause of freedom. 
32:47 - An engaged citizenry is vital to our Constitutional Republic. So I challenge you to get involved. 
34:40 - The Senate blocked the vote against Sanctuary Cities. Harry Reid spews nonsense about the Bill, as usual. And my Senator, Jihadi Joe Donnelly, voted with the Republicans on this Bill. Sure he did. He is one of the 40 Democrats who supported Obama's stupid Iran Deal. 
38:32 - Wrap-up & outro.

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