#56 - Trouble with Iran Deal Already

0:00 - Intro.
0:38 - We released our "Jihadi Joe" parody song, and right on cue, we learned that Iran may have violated the Nuclear Deal before it was even signed by Obama. 
3:30 - But the defenders of the stupid Iran Deal say that the agreement (JCPOA) doesn't have any prohibition on missile testing. Of course it doesn't. Why would we we want to prohibit missile tests when the entire deal is allegedly designed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear missiles? Please read with heavy degrees of sarcasm.
4:11 - Iran is firing missiles a week before Obama even applies ink to the final Iran Deal. 
7:25 - Of course, the Left is only concerned with Conservative rhetoric. They are not bothered by crazy rhetoric coming out of Tehran. 
9:23 - Eleven Democratic Senators have written a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry expressing their concern over Iran violating UN Security Council Resolution 1929.
10:30 - So Iran is already violating other agreements. Why would they honor this one?
11:55 - Of course, these Democrat Senators are running for political cover; they are not voting on principle, or they would have opposed this stupid deal to begin with.
14:08 - Who are the 11 Democrat Senators who sent the letter to John Kerry? Well, I'm not sure. I know 2 of them are: Chuck Schumer (NY) & Ben Cardin (MD). But I could not find the other 9 anywhere. But I have a sneaky suspicion that one of them may very well be Jihadi Joe Donnelly. 
15:12 - Iran launched ballistic missiles on October 11 & President Obama signed the Iran Deal on October 18. A little out of whack if you ask me.
17:31 - Jihadi Joe theme song. 
18:31 - I think I was wrong to say Jihadi Joe "don't care" in the song. I think Jihadi Joe does care that he may be facing an election problem caused by his vote in favor of this stupid Iran Deal.
20:03 - Forget about the political ramifications; this vote turns the Middle East into an absolute tinder box. 
21:48 - We are at war with radical Islamofascists. We have to come to grips with this. To these jihadists, it is a holy war. 
25:00 - The refugee crisis is causing major problems in German hospitals. And there is fear that it will spread to other parts of Europe.
28:00 - The doctor lists several problems they are facing with the refugees. Basically, the tensions are high; the diseases they are treating are uncommon in Europe; and some are refusing treatment from females. 

31:54 - It is estimated that 80% of these refugees are men of fighting age. Why? It seems reasonable that a certain percentage of these men are invaders
34:40 - The problem with refugees in Europe highlights some of the problems we have regarding our immigration policies (or policy enforcement). 
34:58 - Charity is not spending someone else's money; charity happens using your own money. 
36:41 - A story about a ceremony I witnessed for men & women who became citizens as they finished basic training for the US Army. It was very moving & special to see. 
38:36 - We have a lot of problems, and we need strong leadership: President; Senators; Congressman - everything!
40:00 - Wrap-up & outro.


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