#58 - GOP Debates While Dems Continue Hiding

0:00 - Intro.
0:36 - Welcome.
1:12 - Live tweeting on Twitter. A short Twitter feed is below just for reference. 

1:48 - I recommend that you open a Twitter account and get active on there. And a quick summary about Twitter. Look for common hashtags that identify like-minded individuals: #tcot; #tlot; #tcot; #1a; #2a; #lnyhbt, among others.
4:18 - Debate summary. The CNBC moderators seemed ticked off that the Republican candidates were even allowed on their station. 
6:17 - The spin begins the second the debate is over. That's why I don't watch the pre- or post-debate coverage. The moderators were unprofessional & even out-of-line. That's why Chris Christie's line about their behavior being rude "even by New Jersey standards" was great & so well received. 
8:36 - Ted Cruz's attack of the media and defense of all the candidates was awesome. 

10:50 - There seemed to be a lot less in-fighting between the candidates. Instead, we saw what amounted to an almost universal attack against the moderators and the media. 
12:58 - All-in-all, the moderators scored a solid F - especially Becky Quick - the only woman on the panel. 
15:58 - Carl Quintanilla v Ben Carson. See below for the full exchange. Worth watching. 

18:47 - Hey Carl Quintanilla: Here is your pic on my website. I guess you endorse it, according to the logic you used in your line of questioning for Ben Carson. We put his picture on our homepage, too, to keep consistent with his logic against Ben Carson. 


So here is Carl Quintanilla's picture. Our podcast logo is to the right. Does this mean he has works here or endorses the show? Uh, no. And to be honest, we don't want his endorsement because it will cause us to lose your respect. 

26:43 - My thoughts on current candidate status.

  • These guys did well: Ted Cruz; Marco Rubio; Donald Trump; Carly Fiorina
  • These guys did ok: Ben Carson; Chris Christie; Mike Huckabee
  • These guys did poorly: Jeb Bush; John Kasich; Rand Paul

28:25 - Ben Carson's response to the question about fixing pharmaceuticals wasn't a ringing endorsement of conservative, free market principles. He didn't go as far to call for government to get involved, but he also didn't sound like a free market guy. I get his point, but it wasn't a high point in my opinion. 
29:33 - Pfizer paid a $2.3 billion fine. (I mistakenly said a $1 billion fine.) 
33:44 - Our candidates did quite well I think, and they seemed to unite. Yes, they fought a little, but not as badly as in previous debates. 
37:03 - Lincoln Chafee dropped out of the race without much notice.

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