#59 - The Hypocrisy & Silliness of the Left

0:00 - Intro.
0:36 - Welcome. 
2:06 - One other thought about the debate. A CNBC record 14 million watched the debate. Of course, 13.5 million will never watch the network again because of what they saw. Even so, it's the most watched broadcast in CNBC's history. 
4:28 - The CNBC moderators made their attacks on the candidates completely overt. Of course, we normally see them get attacked - but under the guise tough, objective journalism. There was none of that last night.
5:42 - Ted Cruz was spot-on right with his analysis of the questions. These moderators were flat-out the worst I can remember seeing. Ever. And CNBC will take it on the chin when the dust settles on this debate. 

6:20 - Becky Quick's pushback on Marco Rubio regarding his book was ludicrous. She claimed his profits from his book sales was a windfall. No, that's not what a windfall is at all. He profited. And chances are that Becky hates that even more. 
8:01 - Ironically, Hillary Clinton is the one who actually got a windfall from a book because the publisher advanced her more money on the book than they were able to recoup in sales. 
9:30 - Marco Rubio was "exposed" for using part of his profits from book sales to purchase a boat. Oh the humanity!
10:05 - Yet Hillary Clinton can charge $200,000 for speech at a local Boys & Girls Club in California. But she left the White House "dead broke." What a bunch of smoke & mirrors. 

11:20 - Clinton Family Foundation donations have increased since Hillary started running for President. How ironic. 
15:14 - Halloween is tomorrow night. Here's your notice if you need to buy some candy!
16:05 - Carl Quintanilla's picture is still on my website. Guess he still endorses us...
16:27 - An email I got from the Democrats.
16:56 - The so-called "party of choice" (Dems) are keeping their guys off stage again until after our 4th debate. Guess they don't want to give their voters too much to talk and think about, or the gig may be up. Incidentally, even when you click on the link to support Democrat candidates, they won't show you a current candidate, but rather Obama. Don't believe me? Check it out
19:25 - Words Democrats use the most to explain the "reason" they are proud to be Democrat. 
21:20 - The Social Security Disability Fund may go bankrupt in 2016. 
22:37 - Almost all millionaires in America are first-generation millionaires. (Recommend The Millionaire Next Door if you haven't read it. Link to Amazon on right.)

23:50 - East Anglia manipulated data on climate change. 
24:26 - Liberals believe we can control things we have absolutely no control over - like earth's temperature in 100 years, sea levels, man's nature & Iran liking us.
24:58 - They then try to tell us we can't do things that we clearly can do - like build a wall along our southern border, deport illegal aliens, cut spending or support something without believing we should fund it with tax dollars.
30:38 - Many Obamacare state exchanges are facing financial problems.
32:19 - Hillary Clinton says that one of her biggest enemies is Republicans. 
32:51 - Democrats are proud of their party because they say they are for "everyone" and that we can get things done "together." Of course, the problem is that their candidates say "Black Lives Matter" and not "All Lives Matter." Seems pretty uniting to me. Watch the lunacy below.