#40 - Gitmo Dating Service, Young Conservatives & Gun Control Made Simple

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0:00 - Intro.
0:35 - Welcome. 
1:04 - Public Service Announcement - specifically targeted to ladies in the audience. Sit down & get ready: Muhammad Rahim al-Afghani is ready to find "the one" and started an account with match.com. He is a prisoner of Gitmo & was allegedly a close associate of Osama bin Laden. 
4:57 - What do you have to put in your profile or personality quiz to get this guy to pop-up as a possible match? 
5:39 - Is this guy running as a candidate for the Democrat Nomination for President? Kind of sounds like he has the same talking points as the 4 old white guys and a Clinton do. 
6:44 - Muhammad Rahim al-Afghani's letters

Lose your health insurance at work? Looking for an alternative to Obamacare?

Lose your health insurance at work? Looking for an alternative to Obamacare?

9:02 - No way on earth this guy should ever be let out of Gitmo. But then again, Iran shouldn't be on a path to a nuclear weapon. And Planned Parenthood shouldn't receive federal tax dollars.
10:57 - Muhammad Rahim al-Afghani is feeding the Democrat Presidential Candidates talking points for next week's debate. 
11:41 - The attorney of the accused terrorist describes this guy in such a way that it sounds like he's just like the guys you watch the football game with on the weekend. 
15:34 - Behind-the-scenes podcast information. And an announcement of the sound quality issue on Spreaker.com and YouTube.com. If you want to know more about the podcast, read our weekly blog
19:13 - We have a student listener who is using some of our content as ammunition against some of his Liberal teachers. I'm proud of this young man. I experienced this quite a bit in college, but not so much in high school. 

21:39 - Ideas matter. And our ideas come from The Declaration of Independence Constitution
25:07 - What ultimately led me to do this podcast was my experience in college. 
25:20 - My brief testimony & a history 
29:31 - If you want to become more of an expert on a topic, put yourself in a situation where you need to defend your ideas or teach it. It forces you to learn the topic or fail as a teacher or debater.
33:35 - Convicted Conservatives think about things differently. Take a listen to the great Ronald Reagan.

34:55 - Take advantage and influence those in your circle however you can. 
35:45 - Charles Cooke of National Review was on MSNBC (Morning Joe). READ & WATCH
37:32 - What's their plan? Great question. But no answer.
38:49 - Wrap-up & outro.

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