#43 - Hillary's Campaign Theme & The Speaker of the House Race

0:00 - Intro.
0:36 - Welcome. Email me about anything: Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com
1:05 - Hillary is looking for a new campaign theme. Do you have a suggestion? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter! Or you can email me: Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com
4:15 - Some free suggestions for Hillary...
10:05 - Developments in run for Speaker of the House coming up. 
12:07 - House Freedom Caucus has announced support for Congressman Daniel Webster as Speaker of the House. Read article
13:10 - A summary of the process to elect the Speaker of the House - and how the House Freedom Caucus can impact that.

18:07 - Conventional wisdom is that Kevin McCarthy will become the new Speaker of the House. 
18:40 - House Freedom Caucus is going to see increased pressure & attacks about their role in shaking up the process. But they are doing the right thing to influence this process. There is a battle for the heart & soul of the Republican Party. Here is a short clip (Daily Dose) I recorded last week.

27:12 - There is real business to get to in Congress. But the Speaker-elect will play an instrumental part in determining what business gets done. And that's the important part. 
28:53 - Professor at University of Pennsylvania tweets that Ben Carson should win the "coon of the year" award. I had professors who definitely thought like this. I doubt they would have tweeted it, but they'd likely agree. And if you have kids in college, they're probably exposed to these same sorts of people. 

30:59 - Ben Carson was also criticized for his comments about fighting off a school gunman. 32:03 Consider the 4 planes hijacked on 9/11. The people on the 4th flight (Flight 93) had information the others didn't have: the hijackers were crashing planes into buildings. These passengers fought back & saved lives. And they are indeed heroes. 
34:07 - No matter who our presidential candidate is in 2016, s/he will be relentlessly & ruthlessly attacked. This is especially true if Hillary is the nominee. After all, they must make it appear that our candidate is no better of a person (more trustworthy, etc) than their laughingstock Hillary Clinton. 
36:07 - Wrap-up & outro. 

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