#44 - The Fight for Speaker

0:00 - Intro.
0:36 - Welcome. 
1:06 - Perspective on the fight for the Speaker of the House. It's necessary. 
2:40 - Chris Matthews says the Republican Party is in mutiny & breaking up. But this is a necessary fight. 
4:14 - Our Representatives serve at our pleasure. They aren't our rulers. And the Party leaders aren't rulers of the other Representatives. They are merely leaders. And if they aren't leading, they need to be replaced. 
5:29 - This is an all-out civil war for the Republican Party. But it's not about the Republican Party. It's about the American people. 
7:58 - Republican leaders always promise a fight tomorrow, but never today. This is about the heart & soul of the Republican Party. But it's first & foremost about the American people. 
9:20 - The more the Establishment Republican freaks out about this, the better sign it is that Conservatives are gaining power. 
10:10 - If you are worried about how this looks to the American voter in 2016, stop it. We must win. We must take control. And we must legislate Conservatively. And that starts with the Leadership.
12:30 - More suggestions for Hillary campaign themes from listeners. Share more on Facebook or Twitter - or email me: Todd@TheAntidoteToLiberalism.com
15:08 - Hillary Clinton may be the first President in history without the security clearance to sit in on her own National Security Meetings. 
16:08 - Potential Speakers of the House - and other developments. See Heritage Scorecard here for all Congressmen & Senators. 

  • Kevin McCarthy (CA): 61% Heritage score (withdrawn from consideration)
  • Jason Chaffetz (UT): 81% Heritage score
  • Daniel Webster (FL): 77% Heritage score
  • Lynn Westmoreland (GA): 88% Heritage score
  • Trey Gowdy (SC): 80% Heritage score
  • Paul Ryan (WI): 57% Heritage score
  • Jim Jordan (OH): 96% Heritage score
  • Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA): 56% Heritage score
  • Harold (Hal) Rogers (KY): 45% Heritage score
  • John Kline (MN): 57% Heritage score
  • Arthur Brooks: American Enterprise Institute 

20:30 - Representative Charlie Dent (R-PA, 30% Heritage score) wants a bipartisan selection of Speaker of the House.  He says the reason we need to do this is because we need a bipartisan coalition on all major bills. Does he not understand majority rule. 
22:13 - You're not sent to Washington to cooperate with the opposition; you're sent to Washington to get the things done your voters sent you there to do.
22:33 - The idea of an interim or short-term Speaker has been discussed. 
24:41 - Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) recommends the House of Representatives select Conservative Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute. The House can choose to elect a non-member as Speaker. And Brooks is not a member. 
27:05 - This is a civil war for the hear & soul of the Republican Party.
27:24 - Establishment Republicans fight harder against Conservatives than they would ever dream of fighting against the Left. Why?
28:32 - Brit Hume says Jason Chaffetz is the manifestation of Trump Syndrome. 
29:19 - Isis seeks nuclear material. Just another reason we need to secure our Southern Border.
30:45 - Weakness invites our enemies to be provocative. 
32:03 - The fight is just beginning. But the Speaker of the House will play a crucial role in what we'll be debating. 
32:55 - I applaud the House Freedom Caucus. They made this happen. But anything can happen now. 
34:09 - Wrap-up & outro. 

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