#60 - The RNC Fights Back

0:00 - Intro.
0:36 - Welcome.
3:52 - The RNC has kicked NBC to the curb - at least for the time being. 
5:33 - The Left & many in the media are criticizing the RNC & Republican candidates who have spoken out against CNBC's ridiculous questions. The basic argument is: "If you can't take tough questions, you don't deserve to be President." But that's not exactly what's going on here.
5:55 - The CNBC moderators posed as journalists but are really nothing more than Democrat Party Operatives.
7:04 - Carl Quintanilla: Your picture is still on our website beside our logo. Thank you for your endorsement. [Wink-wink.]
9:04 - Reine Priebus' willingness to fight has been inspired by the candidates in the field - especially Donald Trump. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie & others have fought back too. This is all good news. 
13:34 - Maybe the RNC's decision is only temporary...

15:19 - These events we have on television are not substantive debates. And they really can't be with 10 candidates on stage for 2-3 hours. 
16:07 - Chris Christie essentially joined the chorus suggesting the candidates should deal with whatever questions come - because if you can't deal with it, you shouldn't be president. But these aren't debates: they are sound bites at best and character assassinations at worst. 
17:00 - Heritage Action for America event & podcast. They asked tough questions without being accusatory, argumentative, unprofessional, etc. 
18:33 - Why don't we look at this differently? Let's stop being defensive about cutting NBC out of one of our debates. Let's go on offense and ask if a candidate does the following if s/he is qualified for President:

  • What if you share classified information?
  • What if you're a committed, self-avowed socialist?
  • What if you're under FBI criminal investigation? 
  • What if you've destroyed the lives of multiple women who have had "escapades" with your husband?
  • What if you've been sending sensitive government emails (up to and including Top Secret emails) off a server in your apartment bathroom closest that no one in the IT Department knows about? 

19:46 - Hillary Clinton may be the first person to recuse herself from her own National Security meetings because she doesn't have the required security clearance to hear the information shared there!
20:37 - I'm reminded of how Jesus handled both sincere questions and gotcha/set-up questions. Jesus was very patient with sincere questions of those seeking truth. He had no patience with questions designed (usually by the Pharisees and/or religious leaders) to trap Him. 
25:41 - The CNBC moderators were acting like a "brood of vipers" or as "whitewashed tombs" during the debate. They were not seeking truth and the opportunity for the candidates to articulate their vision & ideology. They were trying to corner & trap them.
26:53 - The Democrat Party runs their campaign on the politics of division. 
30:18 - Indianapolis Colts play tonight on Monday Night Football. 
31:20 - Paul Ryan is now Speaker of the House. How will he lead? 
33:40 - Maybe the House Freedom Caucus go this right - even though Paul Ryan is not the most conservative guy in the world. 
34:10 - Conservatives better get ready: we are going to have to fight for every single inch of ground we are to get back. 
37:25 - Wrap-up and outro. 


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