#67 - Veterans Day & GOP Debate

0:00 - Intro.
0:35 - Welcome to the Veterans Day episode. 
2:58 - Left to it's own devices, government grows. Unchecked, it grows to a government like the Soviet Union. But our Founders set things up differently in America.
5:12 - The idea of a Constitutional Republican is foreign to much of the world throughout history. 
7:20 - The Founders used the Constitution to restrain the Government, not the People. And, today, we're in a domestic Constitutional crisis. 
8:15 - All of the freedoms we have in the Constitution would be for naught if not for the "sheep dog." This is where the military serves us. 
13:49 - A brief history of Veterans Day
18:13 - Our military are the sheep dog. The protectors of our freedom. Our way of life. Our great nation. 
20:00 - A prayer for our Veterans. 
21:05 - Honoring those we know in the military.
22:15 - Freedom is not free. The men & women in the military have paid that price to defend our American freedom. And Jesus has paid the price for our eternal salvation. 
24:56 - A short summary of the debate: Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich & Rand Paul. 
29:59 - Twitter face-off with the Left. 

32:23 - How does Fox News lie? What about Brian Williams (NBC)? Dan Rather (CBS)? You kidding me? 
35:53 - I love lies - according to a Leftist on Twitter. This from the folks who defend Hillary Clinton & her handling of Benghazi & her email server. 
38:41 - The sophistry of the Left continues. They're good at playing the victim. And
39:29 - My Twitter poll
40:36 - Wrap-up & outro. 


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