#69 - Liberalism Bearing Fruit Before Our Eyes

0:00 - Intro.
0:35 - Welcome. Democrat Debate this weekend. That's right - Saturday night. 
2:06 - Space debris to hit Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka. Caused by Global Warming, no doubt. 
3:49 - So much on the political/news landscape right now. Global tension, despite Obama's 'this was the moment' speech. Russian aggression. Ukraine. Bear Bombers. Syria. Taking over Isis fight. Global terrorism. Isis. Terror camps in US. Illegal immigration. Terrorists crossing border. Economy struggles. TPP deal. Weak US Dollar. Supreme Court decisions, including gay marriage. Christians beheaded & imprisoned. Attack on free speech and college education. Black Lives Matter. Planned Parenthood selling baby parts - and now potential Medicaid fraud. Benghazi hearing. 
10:22 - The University of Missouri debacle now spreading to other college campuses. Claremont McKenna dean resigns. 
14:24 - Still looking for our first listeners in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Mississippi & Delaware. 
14:49 - More on college campus anarchy. 
16:49 - Hunger strike message to deans. Mizzou hunger strike student as seen through eyes of NBC. Ferguson.
20:08 - Talking points vs Evidence. This is what democracy looks like? It's more what anarchy looks like. White privilege. 
22:29 - Rights are not about demanding people provide something for you. 
23:05 - How much of the blame for this nonsense can be placed at the feet of the Democrat candidates & their freebie talking points? Lack of historical education among many in our country - especially young people, the very people protesting on campuses today. Lack of toughness. Too much PC crap. 
27:23 - We've got to beat this socialistic ideology in 2016 & set it back one generation or more. It's out of control. We need to stop being intimidated by spoiled brat, out-of-control babies. 
30:38 - The adults need to stand up on campuses & put an end to this nonsense. By the way, here is a list of their demands. 
31:28 - Democrat Debate #2 is tomorrow. On a Saturday at 9pm EDT. They keep hiding them because they are espousing socialism. And it is what fuels the rage on Mizzou & college campuses across US. Oh - and the next 2 Democrat debates are on a Saturday (tomorrow) and a Sunday (December 19). I honestly can't blame them. Hillary is best hidden. 
34:55 - 68% of Americans believe Hillary did something either illegal (28%) or unethical (40%) in regards to Benghazi
36:08 - Hillary Clinton, USMC? These terms & phrases certainly define Hillary, right? 


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