#71 - Leadership & the War on Terror

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1st Segment: 100th day since our podcast launch! Still need listeners in: North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi, Delaware & Wyoming. MSNBC tries to tell us that we're doing enough to stop Isis by bombing them. The French started bombing after Paris attack. 

2nd Segment: Bernie Sanders supporter on Twitter. Isis help desk helps terrorists 24/7. Technology, like money & guns, are amoral. But they can all be used for both good and bad. Terrorists in the field can reach the Isis help desk easier than our ambassadors can reach Hillary. Some (like Glenn Beck) contend that Benghazi is tied closely to Syria & ultimately is partially to blame for creating Isis. But it's a terrorist ideology that is ultimately responsible for Isis. American weakness is provocative. They view us as a "paper tiger."

3rd Segment: A bi-partisan group of Governors stand in opposition to Syrian Refugees until we have a better way to screen them. Jihadi John is killed. Paris terrorist posed as refugee. The States whose Governors refuse to accept refugees. The States are the last line of defense. And what if we just let a couple terrorists in? Congress may defund Obama's Syrian Refugee program. We're trying to stop Isis, not good, decent Syrians.